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Who Needs a Visa?

All applicants without a Status of Residence in Japan, excluding visas for short-term stay. If this applies to you, you must obtain one of the appropriate visas (a “Student” visa). Prior to applying for a “Student” visa, you must have a Certificate of Eligibility (hereinafter called COE) issued by Immigration Services Agency of Japan.
Keio University will act as proxy and apply for your COE at the Tokyo Immigration Bureau, provided that you satisfy all of the following requirements:

1) You do not have any Status of Residence in Japan at the time of enrollment into the PEARL programme, and require a COE in order to obtain a "Student" visa.

2) You have submitted all of the required documents for the COE application (see “How to Obtain a Student Visa” below for details) to the Keio University Admissions Center by June 10.

Japanese Nationals

Japanese nationals (including those with dual nationalities) must enter Japan as a Japanese national with a Japanese passport. If your passport is not valid, apply for a new one at a Japanese Embassy / Consulate. DO NOT enter Japan with a foreign passport.

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