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Considered one of the nation’s best universities for producing job-ready graduates, Keio University alumni are in high demand. Our graduates are ready and able to take on a career of their choosing, with many finding full-time employment before graduation. Many go on to international careers, and Keio also ranks within the top 50 universities worldwide for employability. Keio’s strong alumni network can be found around the globe and is available to students when they need career advice, which is why Keio is able to provide some of the best and most varied career support services in the country.

Career Advice

Mita, Yagami, Shonan Fujisawa and Shiba-Kyoritsu campuses all have staff on hand in Placement and Career Services to discuss potential career paths with students.

Job hunting, graduate school, studying for qualifications, preparing for the civil service examinations—Keio’s career services staff can provide students with all kinds of advice for their lives after graduation.

Placement and Career Services keeps track of students’ job hunting situations and are in close contact with the human resources teams at various companies. In the modern age, the amount of readily available information on jobs can be overwhelming. Keio’s career services staff are able to interpret that information to provide tailored support for Keio students—which explains why so many students choose to take advantage of these services every year.

Information Network

Students have access to a large volume of information on corporations, job postings, and company information sessions that are sent to the university. The university also gives students access to a database of alumni contact details and job-hunting journals written by students who have successfully received job offers.

Career Information Sessions and Guidance

Career information sessions are held approximately 140 times each year across all of Keio’s campuses. The sessions include: seminars on the basics of job hunting, how to write a résumé, interviews, consultations with graduates, round-table discussions with fourth-year students who have job offers from companies, sessions for civil servant hopefuls, talks by economists about their industry, and many more events covering a wide range of topics. Keio makes a point of providing its students with the right information at the right time. The university encourages students to integrate job hunting and student life, without having to compromise one or the other, so they can transition seamlessly into their careers of choice after graduation.

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