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Since its founding in the tumultuous times of 19th-century Japan, Keio University has continued to provide the intellectual leadership to tackle the issues facing Japanese society in its quest for development, transformation, and modernization. As we face the challenges of the post-industrial era of the 21st century, Keio continues to uphold the pioneer spirit of its founder in his pursuit of peace, prosperity, and progress.

Ware yori inishie wo nasu ( 自我作古 )
Creating history to define the future

The true meaning of this phrase is that the work you accomplish will become the foundation and those who carry on your work will exceed you; it is a word that epitomizes courage by accepting the fact that you will one day become a part of the past, a part of antiquity.

Across Keio

Where People and Possibilities Converge

With an extensive worldwide network and some of the best academic and research opportunities in the country, Keio University is where the world’s next generation of global leaders come to grow.

2017 Keio University Promotional Video: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

2017 Keio University Promotional Video: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

Undergraduate Programs

  • Keio University offers a broad spectrum of academic fields to study within in its ten undergraduate faculties. The admissions process for those interested in undergraduate programs offered in Japanese can be viewed at the link above.

Other Programs

Additional Information

  • Keio University takes part in study abroad information fairs around the world to give potential international students information about Keio and the admissions process.

  • The International Center also assists international students and scholars coming to Japan by arranging subsidized housing and providing a range of services, including information on available scholarships and events.

  • Fields that Transcend Borders

    My research focuses on how best to communicate within places of diversity, and I have been involved in media management as well as the operation of research facility accommodations at SFC. I believe that in order to create something new, you have to find unprecedented ways of making connections. Talking with friends and ridding my mind of limitations fuels me with a drive to tackle new projects.

    Daichi Ishii
    Faculty of Policy Management

    • Many innovative entrepreneurs
    • Many people who cherish their connections with others
    • An environment of friends who encourage you to tackle challenging problems
  • Meeting Like-Minded Peers

    Many of the friends around me are passionate about what they do, whether it's studying for professional qualifications, going abroad, or participating in student groups. They are an everyday source of inspiration for me here at Keio. Keio's appeal also lies in its comprehensive systems and facilities and vast network of supportive peers, all of which help foster an environment where you can tackle new challenges to achieve your goals.

    Keisuke Adachi
    Faculty of Business and Commerce

    • A lush and accommodating campus
    • Student clubs allow for interaction with students from other faculties
    • The rich variety of student groups
    • Connections with alumni
  • The Perfect Fuel to Never-Ending Dreams

    Keio has been both a motivation as well as a path to satisfying the never-ending craving within my dreams. Provided with a variety of course selections, Keio has always been my fuel for seeking direction within my life as well as for diving deeper into my research field.

    Minkyoung Cho
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • Exposure to a colorful environment that ranges from computer science, business, and biology, all the way to architecture and design
    • Seminars where one is able to have deep conversations with professors and mentors
    • Meaningful experiences that truly fuel your motivation and dreams day by day
  • Learning in the Lineage of Keio University

    Keio connections transcend age differences and have a diversity that is unique to the university, which encourages and nourishes my growth. Continuing in the footsteps of the alumni who make up Keio's long history, many students learn from one another and better themselves as they take their academic experience to the next level. The strength of these connections is the strength of Keio University.

    Tomosuke Tsuchiya
    Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy

    • Making friends with people of all ages, each with their own knowledge and ideas
    • Conveniently located campus
    • Various student groups, clubs, and activities
    • The Office of Student Services is always supportive and happy to help
  • The Profound Understanding Gained with Depth and Breadth

    We only gain a profound understanding of others as well as our past and modern world by delving deep into the products of the human experience; written texts, narratives, and other artifacts; and then taking a bird's-eye view of them. This is the approach we must take in an era when we are awash with information.

    Nozomi Ikeya
    Professor, Library and Information Science, Faculty of Letters

    • Open-minded friends who engage in learning together
    • Keio libraries are treasure troves of knowledge
    • You can find reliable research companions in academic faculty
    • A graduation thesis experience that emphasizes research synthesis
  • Opening Up the World of Law and Politics Through Language

    The Faculty of Law provides students a unique learning environment with its intensive language course. One crucial mission for students in university is to acquire decision-making abilities and the communication tools to express their decisions. Here, students are able to pursue academic research in law and politics while deepening their understanding of those areas through the learning of multiple languages. That is why Keio University is the ideal place for students, especially those hungry for knowledge.

    Kotaro Hirose
    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law

    • From the cafeteria and university co-op to the media center, all facilities are conveniently located on campus
    • Lots of intriguing subjects in the GIC (Global Interdisciplinary Courses) like bushido!
    • Students from diverse backgrounds like affiliated school graduates, returnees, and exchange students
  • Studying at Keio University

    At Keio University, you can learn across a wide variety of disciplines outside of your major field of study. While I myself am a student at the Faculty of Business and Commerce, I also belong to a seminar in the Department of Law at the Faculty of Law to study international tax law. There is a wealth of courses to choose from, so you're certain to find something that interests you. I've personally been able to study marketing, business administration, and economics in much more depth. I believe Keio University is a school that truly values independence and self-respect.

    Yuki Hisano
    Faculty of Business and Commerce

    • The large libraries and media centers at each campus
    • A full range of athletic activities and student groups
    • Strong bonds between students
    • The optimum environment for scholarship
    • A diverse faculty body of prominent academics
    • Every day is exciting
  • The Opportunity to Embrace New Challenges

    Keio University provides opportunities for me to challenge myself. Student life here is full of diverse people with passion and an excellent research environment that fosters interdisciplinary thinking. This inspires me to step out of my comfort zone to explore and create new things for the world.

    Komkid Topoklang
    Graduate School of Media Design (KMD)

    • Diverse community
    • Interdisciplinary curriculum
    • Beautiful campus
  • Innovative Ideas to Impact and Enrich Society

    The culture here at KMD focuses on social aspects to push the boundaries of education. By nurturing an interdisciplinary culture, students from various backgrounds work together to design and adopt new forms of media that impact our societies. Diversity here is a key to creating change.

    MHD Yamen Saraiji
    Graduate School of Media Design (KMD)

    • Keio's well-respected name and reputation across Japanese society and academia
    • Accessibility to advanced engineering research facilities
    • Constant support from the Office of Student Affairs ensures a high quality of life at Keio
    • Diversity of international students and teachers enriches the learning experience
  • Keio People Love Keio

    I completed both my undergraduate and graduate studies at Keio University and worked for three medical device companies before coming back to work at Keio University Hospital. People at Keio love to be a part of their community and are very motivated to collaborate with each other across departments.

    Emi Matsuoka
    Project Instructor (Non-tenured)
    Clinical and Translational Research Center

    • Good relationships with people
    • Liveliness
    • Innovation
    • Tradition
  • Reflection and Innovation: Lessons from the Past

    A great philosopher and teacher, Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa is respected among many as having forged a new frontier prevailing to the progress of humanity. With a pride in having studied at Keio, my ambitions are to take initiative and carry on the ideas of Keio's great teacher-all for a better world.

    Kanji Yamamoto
    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law

    • The opportunity to experience and understand the teachings of Yukichi Fukuzawa, Keio's founder and great teacher
    • Sophisticated character-building programs
    • Diverse student and faculty bodies that inspire and motivate
    • A community that supports students who take initiative and act independently
  • Connections That Go Beyond Graduation

    The active alumni groups of seminars and student groups are a big part of Keio's appeal, and are proof that you remain a member of Keio long after graduation. I don't know of any institution that places as much importance on personal connections as Keio does.

    Ryo Kato
    Administrative Staff, Media Center for Science and Technology
    Alumnus, Faculty of Letters

    • Everyone has a reason to love Keio
    • Close relationships between students, faculty, and staff
    • Impressive collections at Keio libraries and media centers

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