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Great extracurricular activities make an ordinary college experience extraordinary. In line with the Keio spirit of independence and self-respect, students independently form and run over 380 different university clubs, teams, and student groups. Whatever your interest, Keio has you covered with a wide variety of cultural, athletic, and other extracurricular activities that provide you experiences and friends to last a lifetime.

Keio University Athletic Association

The Keio University Athletic Association is Keio's oldest student-run organization, established in 1892 to train both mind and body. Yukichi Fukuzawa realized the importance of sports in education early on and proactively encouraged their inclusion in the curriculum. Since its founding, the Keio University Athletic Association has continued to be a national leader of varsity athletics, being the first to bring sports like rugby, hockey, and water polo to Japan in the 19th century. Currently 43 teams and clubs proudly represent the university at competitive sporting events as members of the association.

Official Student Groups

In addition to the Keio University Athletic Association, Keio has hundreds of other student organizations, which include the League of Student Cultural Societies, independent associations, welfare associations, and student associations organized at undergraduate faculties at each of Keio's campuses.

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