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Learning Together, Growing Together

From elementary school students to Ph.D. candidates, every member of Keio is encouraged to think critically and participate in the scientific method: to discover problems, formulate hypotheses, and offer new solutions for the future.

Learning while teaching, teaching while learning
Hangaku hankyo (半学半教)

Keio makes no distinction between teacher and student in this longstanding tradition of learning. Students and teachers alike must continually learn from one another.

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The 10 undergraduate faculties at Keio cover a diverse range of academic disciplines. While promoting the founding spirit of jitsugaku, or practical learning, each faculty applies themselves in the spirit of free-thinking, offering creative and distinctive educational and research activities.


An introduction to the 14 graduate schools and their cutting-edge research.

Keio's Innovative Academic Programs

Keio offers a variety of academic programs across 10 undergraduate faculties and 14 graduate schools. Keio offers tomorrow's leaders an education that encourages scholarship alongside the values of equality, independence, and initiative. Gain access to the collections of one of Japan's largest libraries and take advantage of the wealth of information at your fingertips. See below for more information on some of the latest and most innovative academic programs Keio has to offer.



  • Selected by MEXT, Keio University has developed two leading graduate school programs: the Science for the Development of a Super Mature Society (started in 2012) and Global Environmental System Leaders Program (started in 2013). These distinctive programs integrate the arts and sciences, give candidates international training and employment experience as Research Assistants (RA).

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