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Outbound from Keio

  • Keio offers double degree programs with other world-class universities. Students study at Keio and at the partner institution, and are awarded degrees from both upon completion.

Inbound to Keio

  • Get a taste of education, research, and student life through one of the short-term programs Keio has to offer.

2017 Keio University Promotional Video: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

Continue Exploring

  • The International Center manages various programs, such as short and long-term student/faculty exchanges with universities abroad, courses taught in English on Japan and East/Southeast Asia, etc. The Center also organizes lectures and seminars by international scholars. In addition to its role administering academic programs, the International Center also assists international students and scholars coming to Japan, by arranging subsidized housing and providing a range of services, including information on available scholarships and events. 

  • You can find international student numbers inside the Keio University Fact Book here.

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