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The Penmark is a monthly e-newsletter that covers the latest news and research coming out of Keio University. Named after Keio University’s logo, The Penmark shares research activities spanning multiple disciplines along with the research-based educational developments across Keio’s campuses where 10 undergraduate faculties, 14 graduate schools, numerous research institutions, and a university hospital are situated.

The Penmark is in English and is only available via e-mail. It will be sent out at the end of every month. Sign up now using the link below.


No.46 May 2024 Keio Scientists Investigate Mechanisms behind Unconventional Superconductivity
No.45 Apr. 2024 Free Will, Foreknowledge, and Creation: Further Explorations of Kant's Molinism
No.44 Mar. 2024 Genomes Reveal Secrets to "Water Bear" Survival
No.43 Feb. 2024 Using AI to Diagnose Eye Diseases from Slit-Lamp Microscope Videos
No.42 Jan. 2024 American Literature, Japanese History, and Shojo Comics
No.41 Dec. 2023 KeMCo New Year Exhibition "Where the Dragons Are" to Run January 10-February 9
No.40 Nov. 2023 Professor Okuda Publishes Essay on James E. McGirt and Early 20th Century African American Culture
No.39 Oct. 2023 Keio Medical Science Prize 2023 Awardees Announced
No.38 Sept. 2023 Influenza Effects on Japanese Industry: Interactions between Pandemic, Economy, and NPIs
No.37 Aug. 2023 Fukuzawa Yukichi Memorial Keio History Museum 2023 Spring Special Exhibition "Sone & Chujo, Architects and Keio University Part I: Meiji and Taisho Era"
No.36 June 2023 Revealing the "Full Picture" of Neural Pathway Diversity in Primate Brains Through High-Resolution MRIs
No.35 May 2023 Artists in Rivalry: Extraordinary Designs by Hokusai and Kuniyoshi
No.34 Apr. 2023 Keio University Hosts the 2023 U7+ Alliance Presidential Summit: Calling on G7 leaders for investment in education to promote peace and security
No.33 Mar. 2023 Keio Museum Commons Exhibition: Who Forms Archaeological Sites-In What Manner?
No.32 Feb. 2023 Researchers Shed Light on the Formation of the "Claustrum," an Unexplained Region of the Brain
No.31 Jan. 2023 Translation Culture in Modern Japan and Yukichi Fukuzawa
No.30 Dec. 2022 KeMCo New Year Exhibition "Where the Rabbits Are" to Run January 10 - February 9
No.29 Nov. 2022 Keio Team Selected in "Fugaku NEXT," the $3.07 million USD Search for Japan's Next Top Supercomputer
No.28 Oct. 2022 Keio Medical Science Prize 2022 Awardees Announced
No.27 Sept. 2022 Fumihiko Maki and Keio University II Designing the Between: SFC as Group Form
No.26 July 2022 Keio Researchers Discover Potent Anti-Cancer Chemical "Iezoside" in Coral Reefs of Okinawa
No.25 June 2022 Development of Highly Accurate Integration AI Using Deep Learning: Highest Score Ever Achieved by AI in Symbolic Integration Tests
No.24 May 2022 Researchers Uncover Neurite Outgrowth Mechanism, File Patent for Spinal Cord Injury Treatment
No.23 Apr. 2022 Death by Suicide Spiked Among Young Women during COVID-19 Pandemic, Study Confirms
No.22 Mar. 2022 Century Akao Collection × Institute of Oriental Classics (Shido Bunko) Identifying Hands: attributional culture and the Kohitsu Family
No.21 Feb. 2022 World's First Transplantation of Human iPSC-NS/PCs for Spinal Cord Injury: Keio University Hospital conducts foundational research toward unlocking regenerative medicine
No.20 Jan. 2022 World's First Successful Transplantation Using Bioengineered Near-Human-Sized Liver
No.19 Dec. 2021 Keio Museum Commons New Year Exhibition 2022 Where the Tigers Are
No.18 Nov. 2021 Researchers Succeed at Creating Strong Antitumor T Cells by Revitalizing Exhausted T Cells
No.17 Oct. 2021 Keio Medical Science Prize 2021
No.16 Sept. 2021 Unlocking the mechanism behind resolution of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis liver fibrosis progression
No.15 July 2021 Technology Developed that Measures Cancer Biomarkers in Saliva in Just One Minute
No.14 June 2021 Keio University's Portal Site for Cultural Collections Connects to Japan Search, a National Platform for Digital Archives
No.13 May 2021 New Keio President Kohei Itoh: "Creating a university and society that is one or two steps ahead of the curve"
No.12 Apr. 2021 AY 2021 Graduate Entrance Ceremony
No.11 Mar. 2021 KeMCo's Inaugural Event Series 'Cross-scapes: Interconnecting Art'
No.10 Feb. 2021 Increasing child allowance increases education spending but this does not immediately improve academic performance
No.9 Jan. 2021 Four Researchers from Keio University Selected Among the World's Most Influential Researchers
No.8 Dec. 2020 Keio Launches New Website about Activities Enhancing Sustainability of Global Societyx
No.7 Nov. 2020 Keio and Tokyo Dental College discuss integration of Faculty of Dentistry
No.6 Oct. 2020 2020 Keio Medical Science Prize Laureates
No.5 Sept. 2020 Creating a Blockchain Platform to Protect Students' Personal Data for Job Hunting
No.4 July 2020 Japanese Universities Join Forces to Research COVID-19
No.3 June 2020 "Keio Donner Project" Accelerating COVID-19 Research
No.2 May 2020 Keio Ranked 10th in the Nature Index 2020 Rankings
No.1 Apr. 2020 Importance of Learning in Global Society

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