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Keio University has a long tradition of comprehensive primary and secondary education. Students are encouraged to take initiative in all aspects of school life and are offered a multitude of opportunities to discover and realize their individual potential. While all of Keio's affiliated schools share the same overall educational philosophy, each possesses a unique personality and its own set of policies, which set the course for fostering both diversity and competence among the students.

Keio Yochisha Elementary School

Cultivating an Independent Spirit Through Work and Play

Dating back to 1874 when founder Yukichi Fukuzawa commissioned his student Yoshiro Wada to establish an elementary school, this school celebrated its 125th anniversary in 1999. Throughout the six years of elementary education, the staff encourage the students' inquisitiveness and broaden their awareness of the world.

Keio Yokohama Elementary School

Learning Through Experience, Personal Challenges, and Communication

As well as promoting the physical health of its students, Keio Yokohama Elementary School seeks to promote the qualities of integrity, honesty and kindness during the early years of schooling. Throughout the six years of their primary education, the school fosters various qualities such as the students' intellect, strength, morale, ability to express their thoughts, consideration for others, ability to cooperate with those who have different values, and sense of social responsibility and ethics. The school is committed to serving as a new entry point for the unified school education of Keio, and many of its former students go on to enter the Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School.

Keio Futsubu School (Boys Junior High School)

Learning to Think and Act for Oneself

Keio Futsubu School has been in operation since the inception of the Keio educational corporation in the 19th century. Having adapted to numerous reforms in the Japanese educational system over the years, the school has emerged as a well-established leader in lower secondary education. The students of Futsubu today carry on the proud tradition of their predecessors, while their teachers work to help them establish a strong foundation at this sensitive and impressionable point in their lives.

Keio Chutobu Junior High School

Finding Order in Freedom

Keio Junior High School started in 1947 as the first co-educational intermediate school in the Keio system. The school's philosophy is to approach education in a manner that reaches beyond the narrow confines of the school walls and socializes students at an early age so that they may succeed in society. Prohibitions are kept to a minimum in order to foster respect for individuality and the independence of the students.

Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School

Six Years of Consistent Liberal Education

Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School is a six-year comprehensive secondary institution founded in 1992. Committed to personal development in a coeducational environment, this school is located on the Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC), home to the university's Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care, Faculty of Policy Management, and Faculty of Environmental Information. The academic pillars of this school are cross-cultural exchange and education with an emphasis on media literacy.

Keio Senior High School

A Youthful Spirit of Independence and Self-Respect

Keio Senior High School was founded in 1948 from a merger between Keio's First and Second High Schools. Conveniently located on Hiyoshi Campus, this all-boys school prides itself on a rich environment of academic excellence as well as a wide range of student interests, including an emphasis on sports. Keio Senior High School students are required to turn in a graduation thesis, and the school has advanced placement programs to offer a seamless transition between secondary and university education.

Keio Shiki Senior High School

An Ideal Learning Environment—Nature, Creativity, and Small Class Sizes

Keio Shiki Senior High School was established in 1957 on the sprawling natural campus of its forerunner, Keio Agricultural Senior High School, which was founded in 1948. Keio Shiki Senior High School values students' individuality and encourages strong interpersonal relationships to instill a spirit of independence and self-respect among students. With 250 students in each academic year, there are plenty of opportunities for students and teachers to communicate in the school’s rich natural environment.

Keio Girls Senior High School

Nurturing a Spirit of Independence and Self-Respect: Liberation, Development, and Creativity

Keio Girls Senior High School was established in 1950, and is the only high school exclusively for girls in the Keio system. The academic objectives of the school can be summarized as "liberation, development, and creativity." This school aims to liberate these young women from social prejudices altogether to develop their talents, so they can go out into the world prepared to work creatively to change it for the better.

Keio Academy of New York (High School)

Internationally-Minded Perspective Through Bilingual, Bicultural Education

Keio Academy of New York was founded in the United States in 1990. Located in Harrison in New York State's Westchester County, the school was primarily designed to meet the educational needs of Japanese secondary students living overseas. Essentially a US high school, the academy offers grades nine through twelve, and is thereby fully accredited by the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS). Students living in Japan are also eligible to apply for entrance. Instruction at the school is given in both Japanese and English, and the school has the advantage of being able to offer "the best of both worlds," incorporating the finest features of the US and Japanese educational systems.

Keio University Affiliated Schools Study Abroad Program

The "Keio University Affiliated Schools Study Abroad Program" began in the 2014 academic year. Under the program, students are selected from among Keio University's affiliated schools to study abroad for about one year at a prestigious boarding school in the United States or United Kingdom.

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