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Since its founding in the tumultuous times of 19th-century Japan, Keio University has continued to provide the intellectual leadership to tackle the issues facing Japanese society in its quest for development, transformation, and modernization. As we face the challenges of the post-industrial era of the 21st century, Keio continues to uphold the pioneer spirit of its founder in his pursuit of peace, prosperity, and progress.

Ware yori inishie wo nasu ( 自我作古 )
Creating history to define the future

The true meaning of this phrase is that the work you accomplish will become the foundation and those who carry on your work will exceed you; it is a word that epitomizes courage by accepting the fact that you will one day become a part of the past, a part of antiquity.

Across Keio

Where People and Possibilities Converge

With an extensive worldwide network and some of the best academic and research opportunities in the country, Keio University is where the world’s next generation of global leaders comes to grow.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Keio University offers a broad spectrum of academic fields to study within in its ten undergraduate faculties. The admissions process for those interested in undergraduate programs offered in Japanese can be viewed at the link above.

Other Programs

Additional Information

  • Keio University takes part in study abroad information fairs around the world to give potential international students information about Keio and the admissions process.

  • The International Center also assists international students and scholars coming to Japan by arranging subsidized housing and providing a range of services, including information on available scholarships and events.

  • Opportunities to Take Initiative

    For psychology students like me, experiments are mandatory to complete your master’s thesis. Professors provide advice, of course, but they also trust us to take our own initiative in the fields of research that interest us. Students take that trust seriously and work hard to conduct the best research possible. I feel that an environment where teachers respect their students enough to give them free range is something unique to Keio.

    Akihiro Shinbo
    Graduate School of Human Relations

    • You can meet all types of people
    • A wide range of lab equipment is available
    • The area around Mita Campus is great for taking a stroll
  • Fill Up on Courage

    To me, Keio is a like a gasoline station for courage. As a non-Japanese living alone, when I feel discouraged with my studies and daily life, Keio always helps cheer me up. Here you are surrounded by hard-working individuals and professors who are passionate about teaching. Plus, the media center is ideal for studying. All these things give you a full tank of courage to take your next step.

    Chang Xinrui
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • International students are excited to study Japanese
    • The Media Center has books as well as a range of devices for students to use
    • A wealth of exchange and short-term study abroad programs
    • The interesting classes at SFC
  • Encounters with the Unknown

    To describe Keio in a word, you need go no farther than the school song Wakaki-chi, where it’s described as a place where the best and brightest gather. It’s a place for new encounters with eccentric peers. And those encounters will surely take us to faraway, unexplored places.

    Ryota Yamagata
    Alumnus, Faculty of Policy Management

    • The ginkgo-lined avenue at Hiyoshi really encapsulates the changing of the seasons (especially autumn)
    • You can feel close to nature around SFC’s duck pond
    • Mita Campus and Tokyo Tower
  • Inspiration to Become Excellent at Everything You Do

    I first came to Keio in 2013 after earning bachelor degrees in Economics and Law at Toulouse School of Economics. I wanted to do research, and I expected a year in Japan would broaden my horizons. Success!
    I received from Keio a new vision on human institutions, with courses in behavioral psychology, political sciences, and business strategy. This inspired me to strengthen my mathematics for economics as well as learning new ways of problem-solving, so I went to Paris for a Master’s in Quantitative Economics and Finance at École Polytechnique, while studying in the Keio-Sciences Po Double-Degree Program. And here I am, at Keio again, determined to use my ever-improving Japanese to bring innovation at the interface of cultures.

    Piotr Alexeevich Kroujkov
    Graduate School of Economics

    • I strongly recommend joining a student club. I started boxing at Keio, and I got better daily training from my fellow students than I would have had from professionals. It is a particularly good strategy to join clubs that are not traditionally Japanese sports. I recommend joining clubs for Western sports where the likelihood of being with other foreign students is lower. It will help with practicing Japanese, as most international students want to do Japanese sports.
    • The library resources are also amazing. The university holds subscriptions to almost all journals imaginable. I can only think of a few times when I could not get a paper I needed. It would be a shame to miss out on so much available knowledge.
    • Watching the sunset through the sculptures on the terrace of the Law School Building (South Building).
  • A fulfilling environment for people who shape the future

    Anyone who tries something new gets immense support from Keio’s diverse community of students, graduates, and professors, regardless of age, sex, or academic interest. Keio provides a fascinating and motivating environment where people nearby will listen to your ideas and share their opinions when you have something you want to pursue.

    Chihiro Toya
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • Broad yet deep ties with professors and senior students
    • Chances for study beyond a single faculty/school
    • Unique campus identities
  • Your Goals Come Into View

    You can learn and acquire many things in this blessed education and research environment. Plus, you can meet friends, senior students, and professors who you can respect. It’s important to seize these opportunities without shying away from your weaknesses or difficult challenges.

    Shun Tomooka
    School of Medicine

    Diversity and Expertise

    The most alluring things about Keio are the diversity and expertise that only a research university can provide—world-class education covering all academic fields from humanities and science and engineering to medicine and nursing. You are exposed to a wide range of ideas through interaction with other faculties while receiving advanced, specialized education in your chosen field.

    Ryo Tomooka
    School of Medicine

    *They are twins.

    • The School of Medicine, the first of its kind among Japanese private universities, combines both tradition and innovation
    • Many opportunities to meet friends from various faculties
    • Meeting people you can respect and look up to
  • An Environment of Expanding Possibilities

    I am majoring in sociology at my seminar within the Faculty of Letters while also studying law at the same time. By interacting with faculty members and students across multiple faculties, you can acquire diverse values and ways of thinking that transcend traditional disciplines. There are always opportunities to expand learning and friendship, such as at retreats, clubs, and other student groups.

    Mari Ando
    Major in Sociology, Faculty of Letters

    • Strong connections between students and faculty so you can get to know anyone
    • You can interact with people in class and in extracurricular activities
    • Plenty of benches and lawns for relaxing
  • A Dynamic Future that Expands Across Generations

    Focusing on global leaders, the Keio EMBA (Executive MBA) provides thorough training using debate and case studies of business models to the latest management practices, as well as business ethics and a global, far-sighted perspective. Many fellow students are leaders in the business world, and between classes you can hear it all, from inside stories to behind-the-scenes business know-how that you don’t hear about in the newspapers.

    Yasuhisa Watanabe
    Graduate School of Business Administration (KBS)

    • Peers from diverse backgrounds
    • A place to gain deep insights and broad perspectives
    • A place where all people can voice new ideas freely
    • A gateway to collaborate on the future
  • Home of the Heart

    The real charm of Keio is something you come to understand after you graduate. Keio is a source of identity for me, a place where I grew as an individual and built my career. It’s a warm, welcoming home away from home.

    Takashi Watabe
    Manager, Office for the Top Global University Project

    • The ginkgo-lined avenue at Hiyoshi
    • The curry at Yama-shoku on Mita Campus
  • Interrelation and Self-Actualization

    While pursuing my own interests in classes and in extracurricular activities, I’ve also made countless friendships that feel fated. I really feel like we can sympathize with each other and support each other. There have been both professors and senior students who have helped me a lot. Things take shape as one person’s idea connects with another’s. For me, Keio is a place where you can realize your ideas.

    Yukari Mizuno
    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law

    • Abundant lessons where you can learn the basics, but can also go deep into discussion
    • Various clubs, teams, and student groups that provide opportunities to challenge yourself
    • An environment perfect for research, work, and debate
  • SFC’s Unique Multidisciplinary Approach

    At SFC, I had an amazing chance to work and share knowledge with many students from different backgrounds ranging from engineering, art, science, and politics. Programs such as GIGA, GESL, and EDGE enhance our ability to innovate and to produce new ideas.
    The majestic history of Keio University and its rich resources enable students to pursue high-quality education and knowledge. On the other hand, the creative design of Keio's campuses such as Shonan Fujisawa Campus provides a comfortable environment for students to carry out their studies. Finally, the great reputation of Keio University inside and outside Japan puts students on a career path to get a great job after graduation.

    Haitham Alkhalaf
    Graduate School of Media and Governance

  • A Campus Brimming with Discussion

    Looking back over the 10 years since coming to work at Keio, I realize that there is a tolerance on campus to respect minority opinions and a freedom to say what you think. As a workplace, I think more than anything, Keio provides a unique tapestry of coworkers who can work together to plan projects that could never be done alone.

    Ai Nagakawa
    Associate Manager, International Exchange Services Group

    • Chances for international exchange both at home and abroad
    • Lots of unique people
    • A surprisingly lush, green environment in the heart of the city (Mita Campus)

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