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Since its founding in the tumultuous times of 19th-century Japan, Keio University has continued to provide the intellectual leadership to tackle the issues facing Japanese society in its quest for development, transformation, and modernization. As we face the challenges of the post-industrial era of the 21st century, Keio continues to uphold the pioneer spirit of its founder in his pursuit of peace, prosperity, and progress.

Ware yori inishie wo nasu ( 自我作古 )
Creating history to define the future

The true meaning of this phrase is that the work you accomplish will become the foundation and those who carry on your work will exceed you; it is a word that epitomizes courage by accepting the fact that you will one day become a part of the past, a part of antiquity.

Across Keio

Where People and Possibilities Converge

With an extensive worldwide network and some of the best academic and research opportunities in the country, Keio University is where the world’s next generation of global leaders comes to grow.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Keio University offers a broad spectrum of academic fields to study within in its ten undergraduate faculties. The admissions process for those interested in undergraduate programs offered in Japanese can be viewed at the link above.

Other Programs

Additional Information

  • Keio University takes part in study abroad information fairs around the world to give potential international students information about Keio and the admissions process.

  • The International Center also assists international students and scholars coming to Japan by arranging subsidized housing and providing a range of services, including information on available scholarships and events.

  • Every day is exciting in Keio's rich environment!

    The learning environment is of course fantastic, with a beautiful library, a variety of different study spaces, and the latest equipment and machine tools. Teachers and students have close relationships and are teeming with variety. But it's not all about studying. Take a step outside the classroom and suddenly you're surrounded by passionate students who are taking up new hobbies, joining clubs, working part-time jobs, or participating in student groups. There's something to inspire you every day.

    Department of System Design Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology
    Miyuki Yanagisawa

    • Ample study spaces around campus
    • A convenience store on campus
    • You can get to know students from other faculties at Hiyoshi Campus, where many students take their first classes
  • The power to solve the world's problems—together

    SDM gives you the power to tackle a variety of issues with a foundation in systems and design thinking. I am a returning student, and it has been an intense two years back at school after being part of the workforce. I've collaborated with universities across the country, worked with students from ASEAN countries, and even organized a booth at the Salone del Mobile Milano with my classmates. I am confident that the skills I have acquired at SDM can be applied to the world at large.

    Master's Program, Graduate School of System Design and Management
    Tsuyoshi Hirose

    • Hiyoshi Campus' ginkgo-lined avenue (especially in autumn)
    • Teachers at the forefront of their fields
    • Access to some of the largest databases and repositories in the country
    • A community pub right inside the university (*Inside the Kyoseikan on Hiyoshi Campus)
  • Life and Learning at Keio: Learning about design to connect people together

    Having lived in two different countries, France and Japan, I have always felt the inconvenience of communicating with people far away.
    At Keio University, with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, we learn a lot about different approaches to practical sciences. Thanks to that, I am able to connect with many other people through my research, and I have developed a technology that helps connect people to one another.

    Master's Program, Graduate School of Media Design
    Marie-Stephanie Iekura

    • The school is open 24/7 so you can work at your own pace
    • The backgrounds of students are really diverse, so there is always someone to help you
    • Teachers and senior students encourage you to try new things
    • Teachers are really open, so it is easy to talk frankly with them.
  • A unique opportunity for academic exploration

    The master's program at Keio is a two-year in-depth exploration into whatever domain fascinates you, providing you with the opportunity to truly master a given research field of your choice. While the atmosphere and approach at each laboratory differs, the core underlying mindset of performing real, solid research stays the same.
    A diploma from Keio will also give you opportunities in the field as well, as the university is known throughout Japan and beyond for the academic excellence among its students.

    Master's/Doctoral Program
    Graduate School of Science and Technology
    Karl-Johan Stefan Alm

    • The general attitude at Keio that exchange students truly matter and are important for the faculties' well-being
    • The way in which laboratories and professors is laid out, where students are able to find a lab which fits their specific needs
    • The attitude of fellow students, which tends to be very open-minded and welcoming
  • Horizontal ties

    Keio University is a huge community whose traditions afford you the opportunity to interact with people you would not able to otherwise meet.

    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law
    Takuya Kato

    • World-class research in advanced fields
    • A wide range of academic choices
    • A long culture of international exchange
  • Building a new future together with exchange students from the future

    I call all the students at Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) "exchange students from the future." In other words, they are a just a bit odd: the oddballs, you might say. They have no reason to worry, though, because the teachers here are just as crazy and maybe even wackier. But doesn't it make sense that a future that no one has imagined yet might just emerge from an environment like this? Come ye oddballs, you who refuse an ordinary college experience!

    Associate Professor
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
    Satoko Oki

    • Students are research partners
    • An environment of mutual trust and respect
    • SFC radiates with devil-may-care rashness and just the right amount of moderation.
  • A chance to contribute to Keio's tradition of excellence

    The successor to Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy, Keio University's Faculty of Pharmacy offers fields of study where students can take initiative and contribute to the betterment of medicine. Not only can you learn the highest standard of science and ethics, but you gain access to a thriving community of people that extends across the university, not limited to the Faculty of Pharmacy alone, who will help you when you need it most. The inspiration needed to face today's medical challenges can be found here at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

    Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy
    Fumihiro Kikuyama

    • An environment to discover more than just pharmacy
    • Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Program between the School of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
    • An absolutely stunning view from Building No. 1's Roof Terrace at night
    • Groups and clubs that make student life more fulfilling
  • Looking at the world from Japan!

    In the global world today, Japanese students cannot just focus on Japan but must look beyond the border. The Professional Career Program (PCP) at Keio provides an environment for Japanese students to study pragmatic economics, while equipping them with skills that are necessary to live out in the world after graduation. Also personally, this program has become a place where I can be myself the most because students with diverse backgrounds come together and concerns of personal differences are taken away.

    Faculty of Economics
    Shun Okai

    • Can study along with many students from various countries
    • Astonishing view of the bountiful autumn leaves in the fall
    • Many delicious ramen shops around campus
  • Immerse yourself deeper - inside and outside the classroom

    Through deep immersion inside and outside the classroom, I have grown both academically and personally in my time at Keio. I studied at the Faculty of Economics as part of the Double BA Programme between Keio University and Sciences Po.
    I particularly benefitted from my microeconomics research seminar in Japanese. Moreover, I was warmly welcomed as a member of the volleyball team (despite not being a particularly good player!) and the Keio Debate Squad. My experience at Keio was an excellent balance of studying Japan from an academic perspective and experiencing daily Japanese life first hand.

    Faculty of Economics
    Marius Harnischfeger

    • Join one of the student clubs (known as サークル)
    • Go talk to professors in your subject area of interest
    • Don't be afraid to try and speak Japanese: That is how you progress!
  • Keio means Home to me. A place of peace and where things can happen

    I feel like I'm at home because at Keio you learn how to learn and how to do things well. A global life starts there, and they treat everyone as an individual, no matter where you come from or who you are. They simply see all students as students and as members of the Keio family. If I were to choose where to study again, I would always choose Keio University!

    Master's Program, Graduate School of Media and Governance
    Joao Chitulo

    • Study hard and feel free to choose what is best for your career
    • Do not copy and paste other writers ideas but create a world of your own
    • Do not push too much because you're not God and you cannot make everything possible, but you can transform the world by contributing and being an innovative person
    • Do not simply look away from what is happening at your community without doing anything.
    • Avoid waiting for others to do things for you. You can and you will do fantastic things because Keio staff are there to help you and serve you well
  • Engage with art in your own way

    In my major, students are able to gain a deeper understanding without the trouble of practicums. In my sophomore year, I was able to take many Japanese literature and education courses in addition to the courses needed to graduate for my major. One of Keio's strengths as a four-year university is that it allows you to pursue what you're most interested in across a variety of different disciplines.

    Major in Aesthetics and Art History, Faculty of Letters
    Karin Furusho

    • Each of Keio's campuses has its own unique atmosphere
    • Beautiful row of cherry blossom trees just inside the East Gate at Mita Campus
    • Extensive collections at Keio's libraries and media centers
  • An unshakable foundation

    The very existence of Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa is an endless spring of insights and ideas. The appeal of Keio lies in a tradition of scorning blind superstition and heeding balance, even when it comes to the teachings of Fukuzawa himself.

    Associate Professor
    Fukuzawa Memorial Institute for Modern Japanese Studies
    Takeyuki Tokura

    • Keio is at the heart of Japan's modern history
    • We appreciate a variety of talent (and welcome outliers!)
    • A tight-knit, multi-generational network of alumni

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