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Since its founding in the tumultuous times of 19th-century Japan, Keio University has continued to provide the intellectual leadership to tackle the issues facing Japanese society in its quest for development, transformation, and modernization. As we face the challenges of the post-industrial era of the 21st century, Keio continues to uphold the pioneer spirit of its founder in his pursuit of peace, prosperity, and progress.

Ware yori inishie wo nasu ( 自我作古 )
Creating history to define the future

The true meaning of this phrase is that the work you accomplish will become the foundation and those who carry on your work will exceed you; it is a word that epitomizes courage by accepting the fact that you will one day become a part of the past, a part of antiquity.

Across Keio

Where People and Possibilities Converge

With an extensive worldwide network and some of the best academic and research opportunities in the country, Keio University is where the world’s next generation of global leaders come to grow.

2017 Keio University Promotional Video: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

2017 Keio University Promotional Video: Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow

Undergraduate Programs

  • Keio University offers a broad spectrum of academic fields to study within in its ten undergraduate faculties. The admissions process for those interested in undergraduate programs offered in Japanese can be viewed at the link above.

Other Programs

Additional Information

  • Keio University takes part in study abroad information fairs around the world to give potential international students information about Keio and the admissions process.

  • The International Center also assists international students and scholars coming to Japan by arranging subsidized housing and providing a range of services, including information on available scholarships and events.

  • A Life of Learning in a Cutting-Edge Environment

    At the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, I was able to learn everything from daily trivia to specialized expertise from my professors. Those interactions really cut down the distance between professors and students. I also believe that going over case studies of various companies is what makes education here so attractive.

    Rei Tada
    Graduate School of Business and Commerce

    • Many good professors in business, commerce, economics, statistics, science, and beyond
    • Student diversity (I learned how to interact with international students)
    • A full range of extracurricular activities (Sports clubs and culture clubs)
    • Reliable public transportation (You can easily go anywhere from the university)
  • Intellectual Environment for Work, Study, and Play

    SFC students can study anything, including economics, architecture, quantum computing, and cybersecurity, to name a few. There are clubs for almost anything imaginable, from the tea ceremony to the wind orchestra. Despite my lack of Japanese ability, I still feel accepted and able to further my education.

    Korry Luke
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
    (Global Information and Governance Academic (GIGA) Program)

    • SFC has a duck pond (kamoike) which is a great place to relax and read a book
    • You can meet people from around the world, make friends, and embrace other cultures
    • If you don't know about something, there is almost always someone who knows and is willing to help
    • You can ask questions and take charge of your learning
  • Design Your Own Future

    The Keio Business School (KBS) is an MBA with a mandatory master’s thesis. At KBS, students can choose their own balance of practical business skills with academic courses. They can also choose to concentrate on one area or another with a great lineup of courses available. Professors are unbiased and diverse, so students can receive essential advice for academics, research, and corporate presentations.

    Haruka Mochizuki
    Graduate School of Business Administration

    • Scholarship opportunities for hardworking students
    • High quality of academic faculty
    • Library has a rich variety of books and allows student purchase requests
  • Proud of Where I Am and What I Do

    The large numbers of Japanese returnees from abroad and international students make Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) truly international and diverse. English fills the campus. Grab a Subway sandwich and bask in the sun on the campus lawn as you daydream about the future. Then go make your dreams a reality! SFC has the environment and the facilities to bring your ideas to life. Keio is as ideal and as rewarding as I expected to be.

    Yohei Itai
    Faculty of Policy Management

    • All-English degree programs available
    • A beautiful, sprawling campus where you can experience all four seasons
    • Free gym membership
    • Every day is exciting (Lots of eccentric people)
  • A Learning Experience Only Keio Can Offer

    Keio is an environment that exposes you to eye-opening ideas from a rich and diverse student and faculty body, and there are endless ways of meeting lots of new people through clubs and other extracurricular activities. Every day at Keio is fresh, exciting, and is guaranteed to expand your horizons. Being able to bring the unique perspectives gained here to my academic pursuits in pharmacy has given me the strength I need to succeed.

    Mami Takeda
    Faculty of Pharmacy

    • A wide range of opportunities for friendship
    • Great location
    • The views from the Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus
  • An Academy for Masters of all Trades

    Keio University has a unique appeal. Students are granted the freedom to build a diverse academic portfolio through unrestricted course selection. This allows them to be actively involved in their programs and builds well-rounded candidates who are suited to work in several industries.
    Keio allows you the freedom to choose courses across programs. Many courses offer practical, hands-on work. And most importantly, Keio's faculty includes real-world industry professionals alongside world-class academic staff.

    Fahd Mohamed Omar Al-Guthmy
    Graduate School of Media and Governance

  • Taking in the World from Japan

    Studying abroad is not the only way to cultivate a sense of internationality. Japanese students can live in the international student dormitories as resident assistants and provide daily support to international students. Seeing Japan through an international student’s eyes paints the country in a different, and sometimes unpleasant, light. But this crossroads is the only place where we can see the multicultural future that lies ahead.

    Yuki Uno
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • Top international students from all over the world
    • The spirit of hangaku hankyo (learning while teaching, teaching while learning) in teachers, staff, and students
    • Opportunities for international exchange beyond studying abroad
  • A Place for Lifelong Connections

    After enrollment at Keio you are given the title of jukusei, and upon graduation you become a jukuin. Your connection to the school continues to grow and expand throughout your lifetime. Keio brings its diverse body of jukusei and jukuin alike together as one, no matter where they are in the world.

    Yuko Hanazaki
    Administrative Staff, Facility Management Office
    Alumnus, Faculty of Business and Commerce

    • The unity you feel when you lock shoulders and sing school songs like Wakaki Chi together
    • The parade from Jingu Stadium to Mita Campus when Keio wins the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League Championships
    • The school festivals unique to each Keio campus, held for up to four days every year
  • Connections with the Unique People at Keio Are a Lifelong Treasure

    When I was in my last year of high school, my father, who had never spoken of his Keio days, asked me, “How about Keio? It’s the best private school in the country.” Before I knew it, I was at Hiyoshi. Keio's private education afforded me a variety of opportunities to learn about my major in the physical sciences as well as about Yukichi Fukuzawa and Japan's history of modernization. I was also able to take teacher training courses and physical education training. All of the unique people I met through those opportunities have brought me to where I am today. It is now my turn to share the value of a private school education and the strength of the Keio bond with the next generation.

    Motoi Kodama
    Graduate School of System Design and Management

    • Each student’s unique strength and individuality
    • Courses at the Fukuzawa Memorial Institute for Modern Japanese Studies, which continue to shed new light on significance of Yukichi Fukuzawa and Keio University
    • Courses at the Teacher Training Center, where aspiring teachers continue to learn alongside children through Keio’s tradition of hangaku hankyo (learning while teaching, teaching while learning)
    • Courses at the Institute of Physical Education, which hosts myriad events, provides personal trainers, and lets students and faculty interact through the Athletic Association
  • Learning a Spirit of Independence

    A spirit of independence flows throughout Keio University, a spirit to stand on your own two feet without being influenced by social trends or the opinions of others. It’s extremely refreshing to talk with friends who have the courage to dream big and to look up to successful senior classmates who have both the common sense and the will to succeed. To learn at Keio is to develop informed opinions and to find the courage to stand up for what you believe is right.

    Sumire Sakamoto
    Faculty of Science and Technology

    • An atmosphere of support and encouragement to try new things
    • Meet friends full of humor and energy
    • Easygoing friendships where a friend of a friend is your friend
    • The coziness of Yagami Media Center (Library)
  • Keio University: A Global School Where the Air of Freedom Flows

    I always felt a little alienated with every good-intentioned compliment whenever someone told me how good my Japanese was. At Keio, I don’t hear these compliments as much because Keio’s campuses exude a free-spirited and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It’s a place where people from all backgrounds come to learn. People approach everything with a tolerant and openminded attitude. I think that Keio has ones of the best environments for training internationally minded individuals connected to the global community.

    Che Yuan Li
    Graduate School of Media and Governance

    • Encounters with a variety of amazing people
    • Well-maintained equipment and facilities
    • Outstanding school spirit and longstanding tradition
  • An Intellectually Exciting Environment that Unites Theory and Practice to Make Real Difference

    At Keio, students can gain access to the cutting edge of their discipline through lectures and seminars with some of the best academic faculty in Japan. At the same time, students also have plenty of opportunities to interact with and learn from real-world experts and practitioners. Personally, I have had many chances to learn from experts at the Institute for Journalism, Media & Communication Studies and the Global Passport Program (GPP) in the Faculty of Business and Commerce. Students are constantly engaged intellectually through both theory and practice.

    Yugo Kawasaki
    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law

    • A flexible course registration system that allows students to pursue a wide range of interests regardless of faculty or department
    • A wealth of high-quality courses with small class sizes
    • Diverse campuses teeming with international students
    • A wide variety of official and student-run clubs and organizations

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