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Academic Fees for Keio University Professional Degree Programs for students admitted in or after the 2016 academic year.


*If you are admitted in or before AY 2015, please contact the Keio University Accounting and Finance Office.

Professional Degree Programs for Academic Year 2018

(Amounts in Japanese Yen)

Law School
Major in Legal Practice
Law School
Master of Laws (LL.M.)
in Global Legal Practice
Law School
Master of Laws (LL.M.)
in Global Legal Practice *1
Academic Fees Admission Fee 100,000 0 0
Registration Fee (Basic) 0 60,000 60,000
Registration Fee 300,000 0 0
Tuition Fee 1,060,000 1,560,000 935,000
Facilities Fee 170,000 0 0
Other Fees 12,240 12,240 12,140
Total (First Year) 1,642,240 1,632,240 -
(Second Year and Above)
1,542,140 1,632,140 1,007,140
  • Please note that of the academic fees, the registration (both types), tuition, and facilities fees are subject to change from year to year based on a sliding scale system. The rate of increase by will be based on the slide rate (such as the rate of increase of the salary of national government employees as announced in the National Personnel Authority's annual salary recommendations in the previous year).
  • The admission fee and the Keio Student Health Care Mutual Aid Association registration fee (100 yen), which is included in "Other Fees," are only charged in the first year and are not included in the "Total (Second Year and Above)" amount.
  • The above amounts also apply to students who have graduated from a Keio University undergraduate faculty or graduate school.
  • Academic fees (excluding the admission fee) and "Other Fees" can be paid in two installments (the end of April for the Spring Semester and the end of October for the Fall Semester).
    However, part of the "Other Fees" are collected as a lump sum in the Spring Semester.
  • Fees from "Other Fees" which are collected by the university on behalf of other organizations may be revised during the course of a student's attendance.
  • *1 The normal completion period is one year. These fees are for students who remain in the program for a second year.

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