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Through the use of funds, Keio University is implementing aid projects, such as those to support study abroad and scholarships and grants for students and researchers, which are aimed at the promotion and revitalization of its various activities related to education and research.

<The Ishii-Ishibashi Fund>

This grant was launched in 2015 with the aim of maintaining and improving the reputation of Keio University in Japan and abroad, and contributing to the sustainable development of education, research, and medical care. Based on this grant, 6 projects have been developed to date (as of January 2020), and from the 2020 academic year, an additional project will be added for a total of 7 projects put into practice. Here, the achievements of each project up to now have been summarized, and significant outcomes will continue to be circulated in the future.

Details of Each Aid Project

Keio University Education and Research Development Project

Through the president’s initiative, Keio University will maintain and improve its reputation in Japan and overseas, and the following projects will be implemented with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of its educational and research activities.

  • 1. Educational and research promotion projects proposed, planned, and implemented by the corporation
  • 2. Projects that contribute to the promotion of education and research at the undergraduate faculties, graduate schools, etc.
  • 3. Other projects that facilitate the purpose of this project

Keio University Education Leadership Project

Since the Keio Affiliated Schools Study Abroad Program was established in 2013, students from across the affiliated schools have been selected to study at prestigious boarding schools called as “the Ten Schools” in US and “the Nine” in UK for a period of one year. In the 2018 academic year, 8 students went to study abroad, bringing the total number of students who have been sent abroad up to 2018 to 27. In September 2019, a new program for junior high school students to study abroad at a junior boarding school was launched. Considering the financial burden, tuition and other expenses at the host school are paid as scholarships. In addition to the current programs, the new program at the elementary school level will be launched in the 2020 More details to be announced.

In addition, since the 2017 academic year, The design thinking program by Stanford University lecturers have been started. It is a one week program in San Francisco, USA, for third-year junior high school to second-year senior high school students. It encourages the students to interact with each other and gives them the opportunity to broaden their international perspectives.

Keio University School of Medicine Special Project for Human Resources Development

The Keio University School of Medicine special project for human resources development scholarship was established in 2015 as the School of Medicine’s own scholarship and is guaranteed at the time of being accepted. This is a large-scale scholarship that awards about 10 students who achieve excellent grades in the general entrance examination with a continuous payment of 2 million yen per year each for the first four year levels of study (total of 8 million yen). Just as Yukichi Fukuzawa once studied at the “Tekijuku” where the elite from all across the nation gathered, the purpose is to provide handsome support to the various elite students who have come from all over the country and to develop them into leaders in the medical world. Whether or not the scholarship will be awarded will be confirmed at the time of announcing the results for the entrance examinations.

Keio University Research Grant for Young Researcher's Program

The Keio University research grant for young researcher’s program is aimed at developing young researchers, primarily at the Faculty of Science and Technology and including the Shonan Fujisawa Campus, who being rich in talent and endowed with leadership skills will go on to shoulder the future of manufacturing. The following 3 projects are being implemented.

  • 1. Promotion of overseas joint research by young researchers
    Subsidies are provided for the travel and living expenses necessary to carry out overseas joint research with overseas universities, research institutions, and private companies.
  • 2. Promotion of the interdisciplinary research and exchange project
    The project steering committee designates the research fields that are expected to enhance Keio's international reputation, and subsidies are provided for new interdisciplinary and cross- disciplinary research topics being carried out at undergraduate faculties, graduate schools, academics units, research institutes, etc.
  • 3. Program to acquire basic English proficiency for Keio students (TOEFL online learning)
    To develop researchers with a rich international outlook and experience through studying abroad, support is provided to acquire the necessary English language proficiency (TOEFL, etc.) to meet the eligibility conditions to apply to the overseas institutions at which students wish to study.

Keio University Global Research Development Project

The global research development project is aiming to contribute not only to maintaining the reputation and status of Keio University as an international research university domestically and overseas, but also to the dramatic enhancement of its reputation and status and its sustainable development in the future.

  • 1. Formation, consolidation, and improvement of branding, and the promotion of international cooperation and industry-government-academia collaboration
  • 2. Produce international research achievements and investigate the possibility of research that integrates the arts and sciences including through support for papers, development of research methods, development of research projects, and grants for research projects
  • 3. Actively promote the dissemination of information centered on international PR and giving back to the community by sharing research outcomes through endowed courses, doctoral seminars, and the hosting of symposiums domestically and overseas
  • 4. Acquire/nurture human resources whose research has global currency, entice research projects, and dispatch early career researchers
  • 5. Development of research resources unique to Keio University and Japan, and propagate this to the world
  • 6. Other projects that contribute to the purposes of this project

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