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Keio University produces a wide range of publications and brochures. Below we share some general English-language literature about the University. Use the Keio Library's KOSMOS database to search for other publications that the University holds or issues.

Information for Prospective Students

Keio University International Student Prospectus

Get an overall introduction to student life in Tokyo and catch a glimpse of the exciting education and research being done at Keio in this visually compelling pamphlet.

Keio University Facts and Figures

Numbers and data on education, research, medical services, global activities, etc., at the university.

Guidebook for Prospective
Undergraduate Students

This is a guide for admissions for the undergraduate faculties at Keio University. It includes information on Keio's campuses and curriculum at each undergraduate faculty as well as admissions materials (examination schedules, subjects, etc.).

Research Publications


Jitsugaku is a print publication of the online platform Keio Research Highlights. Flip through these visually compelling pages to find the true meaning of the phrase jitsugaku, discover the groundbreaking research produced at Keio, dive into the stories behind Keio's creativity and excellence, and explore the university's long history of social innovation.

Keio University Medical Science
Reprint Collection

The Keio University Medical Science Reprint Collection contains a selection of 23 papers published by researchers at Keio University in Nature and the Nature family of primary research journals between 2006 and 2014. The discoveries in these papers have had an important impact on the fields of disease models, genome integrity, immunology, neuroscience and stem cells, as highlighted in the five feature articles written exclusively for this collection. In the coming years, Keio University will continue to make critical advances in medical science and publish research that stands the test of time.

Bulletin of Keio University
Faculty of Science and Technology

In our 21st-century society, science and technology is becoming increasingly diverse and complex. In 1868, Yukichi Fukuzawa published a book entitled Kinmo Kyurizukai, which is purported to be the first Japanese book on Western science that was geared towards young individuals. Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology returns to Fukuzawa's easy-to-understand origins with this publication as we try to relay information about the latest in science and technology.

Academic Journals Published at Keio

Keio Economic Studies

The Keio Journal of Medicine

Monthlies and Quarterlies


First published in 1898. Timely topics are discussed and insightful articles on topics ranging from politics, economics, and culture are featured. This compact-sized monthly magazine is packed with serials, insightful essays, and columns.


First published in 1963, Juku is a quarterly publication that has long served as a communication tool to connect Keio with its students and their guardians.

Other Publications

Natural Disaster and Emergency Pocketbook

International Student Handbook

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