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Welcome to the archive of Across Keio, where Keio students, alumni, and academic faculty and staff members share what Keio means to them.

*Titles and affiliations current at time of release

Across Keio

Where People and Possibility Converge

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  • A Life of Learning in a Cutting-Edge Environment

    At the Graduate School of Business and Commerce, I was able to learn everything from daily trivia to specialized expertise from my professors. Those interactions really cut down the distance between professors and students. I also believe that going over case studies of various companies is what makes education here so attractive.

    Rei Tada
    Graduate School of Business and Commerce

    • Many good professors in business, commerce, economics, statistics, science, and beyond
    • Student diversity (I learned how to interact with international students)
    • A full range of extracurricular activities (Sports clubs and culture clubs)
    • Reliable public transportation (You can easily go anywhere from the university)
  • Intellectual Environment for Work, Study, and Play

    SFC students can study anything, including economics, architecture, quantum computing, and cybersecurity, to name a few. There are clubs for almost anything imaginable, from the tea ceremony to the wind orchestra. Despite my lack of Japanese ability, I still feel accepted and able to further my education.

    Korry Luke
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
    (Global Information and Governance Academic (GIGA) Program)

    • SFC has a duck pond (kamoike) which is a great place to relax and read a book
    • You can meet people from around the world, make friends, and embrace other cultures
    • If you don't know about something, there is almost always someone who knows and is willing to help
    • You can ask questions and take charge of your learning
  • Design Your Own Future

    The Keio Business School (KBS) is an MBA with a mandatory master’s thesis. At KBS, students can choose their own balance of practical business skills with academic courses. They can also choose to concentrate on one area or another with a great lineup of courses available. Professors are unbiased and diverse, so students can receive essential advice for academics, research, and corporate presentations.

    Haruka Mochizuki
    Graduate School of Business Administration

    • Scholarship opportunities for hardworking students
    • High quality of academic faculty
    • Library has a rich variety of books and allows student purchase requests
  • Proud of Where I Am and What I Do

    The large numbers of Japanese returnees from abroad and international students make Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) truly international and diverse. English fills the campus. Grab a Subway sandwich and bask in the sun on the campus lawn as you daydream about the future. Then go make your dreams a reality! SFC has the environment and the facilities to bring your ideas to life. Keio is as ideal and as rewarding as I expected to be.

    Yohei Itai
    Faculty of Policy Management

    • All-English degree programs available
    • A beautiful, sprawling campus where you can experience all four seasons
    • Free gym membership
    • Every day is exciting (Lots of eccentric people)
  • A Learning Experience Only Keio Can Offer

    Keio is an environment that exposes you to eye-opening ideas from a rich and diverse student and faculty body, and there are endless ways of meeting lots of new people through clubs and other extracurricular activities. Every day at Keio is fresh, exciting, and is guaranteed to expand your horizons. Being able to bring the unique perspectives gained here to my academic pursuits in pharmacy has given me the strength I need to succeed.

    Mami Takeda
    Faculty of Pharmacy

    • A wide range of opportunities for friendship
    • Great location
    • The views from the Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus
  • An Academy for Masters of all Trades

    Keio University has a unique appeal. Students are granted the freedom to build a diverse academic portfolio through unrestricted course selection. This allows them to be actively involved in their programs and builds well-rounded candidates who are suited to work in several industries.
    Keio allows you the freedom to choose courses across programs. Many courses offer practical, hands-on work. And most importantly, Keio's faculty includes real-world industry professionals alongside world-class academic staff.

    Fahd Mohamed Omar Al-Guthmy
    Graduate School of Media and Governance

  • Taking in the World from Japan

    Studying abroad is not the only way to cultivate a sense of internationality. Japanese students can live in the international student dormitories as resident assistants and provide daily support to international students. Seeing Japan through an international student’s eyes paints the country in a different, and sometimes unpleasant, light. But this crossroads is the only place where we can see the multicultural future that lies ahead.

    Yuki Uno
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • Top international students from all over the world
    • The spirit of hangaku hankyo (learning while teaching, teaching while learning) in teachers, staff, and students
    • Opportunities for international exchange beyond studying abroad
  • A Place for Lifelong Connections

    After enrollment at Keio you are given the title of jukusei, and upon graduation you become a jukuin. Your connection to the school continues to grow and expand throughout your lifetime. Keio brings its diverse body of jukusei and jukuin alike together as one, no matter where they are in the world.

    Yuko Hanazaki
    Administrative Staff, Facility Management Office
    Alumnus, Faculty of Business and Commerce

    • The unity you feel when you lock shoulders and sing school songs like Wakaki Chi together
    • The parade from Jingu Stadium to Mita Campus when Keio wins the Tokyo Big6 Baseball League Championships
    • The school festivals unique to each Keio campus, held for up to four days every year
  • Connections with the Unique People at Keio Are a Lifelong Treasure

    When I was in my last year of high school, my father, who had never spoken of his Keio days, asked me, “How about Keio? It’s the best private school in the country.” Before I knew it, I was at Hiyoshi. Keio's private education afforded me a variety of opportunities to learn about my major in the physical sciences as well as about Yukichi Fukuzawa and Japan's history of modernization. I was also able to take teacher training courses and physical education training. All of the unique people I met through those opportunities have brought me to where I am today. It is now my turn to share the value of a private school education and the strength of the Keio bond with the next generation.

    Motoi Kodama
    Graduate School of System Design and Management

    • Each student’s unique strength and individuality
    • Courses at the Fukuzawa Memorial Institute for Modern Japanese Studies, which continue to shed new light on significance of Yukichi Fukuzawa and Keio University
    • Courses at the Teacher Training Center, where aspiring teachers continue to learn alongside children through Keio’s tradition of hangaku hankyo (learning while teaching, teaching while learning)
    • Courses at the Institute of Physical Education, which hosts myriad events, provides personal trainers, and lets students and faculty interact through the Athletic Association
  • Learning a Spirit of Independence

    A spirit of independence flows throughout Keio University, a spirit to stand on your own two feet without being influenced by social trends or the opinions of others. It’s extremely refreshing to talk with friends who have the courage to dream big and to look up to successful senior classmates who have both the common sense and the will to succeed. To learn at Keio is to develop informed opinions and to find the courage to stand up for what you believe is right.

    Sumire Sakamoto
    Faculty of Science and Technology

    • An atmosphere of support and encouragement to try new things
    • Meet friends full of humor and energy
    • Easygoing friendships where a friend of a friend is your friend
    • The coziness of Yagami Media Center (Library)
  • Keio University: A Global School Where the Air of Freedom Flows

    I always felt a little alienated with every good-intentioned compliment whenever someone told me how good my Japanese was. At Keio, I don’t hear these compliments as much because Keio’s campuses exude a free-spirited and cosmopolitan atmosphere. It’s a place where people from all backgrounds come to learn. People approach everything with a tolerant and openminded attitude. I think that Keio has ones of the best environments for training internationally minded individuals connected to the global community.

    Che Yuan Li
    Graduate School of Media and Governance

    • Encounters with a variety of amazing people
    • Well-maintained equipment and facilities
    • Outstanding school spirit and longstanding tradition
  • An Intellectually Exciting Environment that Unites Theory and Practice to Make Real Difference

    At Keio, students can gain access to the cutting edge of their discipline through lectures and seminars with some of the best academic faculty in Japan. At the same time, students also have plenty of opportunities to interact with and learn from real-world experts and practitioners. Personally, I have had many chances to learn from experts at the Institute for Journalism, Media & Communication Studies and the Global Passport Program (GPP) in the Faculty of Business and Commerce. Students are constantly engaged intellectually through both theory and practice.

    Yugo Kawasaki
    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law

    • A flexible course registration system that allows students to pursue a wide range of interests regardless of faculty or department
    • A wealth of high-quality courses with small class sizes
    • Diverse campuses teeming with international students
    • A wide variety of official and student-run clubs and organizations
  • Keio is a Bridge from My Dream to Realization

    There are dreams in my life which once I believed simply dreams. At Keio, I realized that I can make those dreams come true. It is my dream come true to be able to continue onto my PhD in an international environment within one of the highest-quality educational systems in the world. Keio is the bridge!

    Muriadi Arip
    Graduate School of Media and Governance

    • Make friends from different countries
    • Advanced educational system
    • Convenient facilities
    • Beautiful environment
  • Taking Your Passions to the Next Level

    Keio offers an environment where you can study whatever you like, as much as you like. For example, Japanese students can take classes offered in English and German alongside international students. You can also take classes that interest you regardless of your major. You’ll be able to take your passions to the next level, whatever they may be.

    Eriko Yoshihiro
    Faculty of Policy Management

    • Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) has more than 100 seminars to choose from
    • Classes are available across a range of faculties and in a number of languages
    • You can meet lots of students pursuing the things they love
  • A Mission to Be a Beacon of Enlightenment that Illuminates the Rest of Japan

    There have been many iconic symbols of the Keio spirit since the school’s founding—the Mita Public Speaking Hall (Enzetsu-kan) and the red brick Old University Library as two examples. I feel a strong sense of mission when I realize that I am learning in the same places that Yukichi Fukuzawa and other leaders overcame numerous difficulties in leading the modernization of Japan. At Keio, we ourselves inherit the spirit of the school’s founders and lead Japan into the future.

    Yoko Yamaguchi
    Faculty of Economics

    • A library with an almost overwhelming wealth of books and resources
    • Excellent classes that go above and beyond your typical college education
    • Supportive staff who are always ready to help
  • A Place Where Students Learn Freely

    Even within Keio, Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) is a place where students can give free play to their academic pursuits. Students confront problems and find solutions in an entirely free and earnest environment. For me, this means being free to choose the best possible research environment for a problem I want to solve, and this has resulted in a fulfilling college life.

    Miyu Noguchi
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • Experience diverse values
    • Teachers make themselves available and are easy to talk to
    • A college experience with state-of-the-art equipment
  • The Kun Tradition

    At Keio, the only sensei is the university’s founder Yukichi Fukuzawa. So even teachers are referred to by name using the affectionate kun suffix. People are often surprised by the lack of hierarchy at first, but once you join Keio you can’t help but appreciate the frank atmosphere.

    Koki Kawano
    Administrative Staff, Administrative Affairs Office

    • The proximity between students and faculty
    • Students are full of energy
    • Generous giving alumni
    • Lack of hierarchy between senior and junior students
  • The Power to Open Up Your Future

    We must cultivate our ideas, actions, and leadership in an environment that transcends diversity in order to compete on the global stage. At Keio, I am systematically learning about management through daily discussions with experts in diverse industries. I want to be part of the solution in creating a more sustainable world.

    Shijie Zhou
    Graduate School of Business Administration

    • World-class education and international networks
    • Taking a managerial approach to problem solving using the spirit of jitsugaku
  • Keio, Foundation of My Leading Potential

    Being a Korean girl who lived in China for 11 years, I was able to find peace with my unique identity within the diversity of the Keio community. This institution helped me discover my potential and shaped me as a global leader. Thanks to Keio and Prof. Kokuryo, I am proudly ready to contribute to the world.

    Daum Kim
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • Diverse community where everyone can fit in
    • Kenkyukai seminar system for designing your concentration
    • Relationship with professors for a close and unique experience
    • Freedom of learning to raise the next generation of global leaders
  • Unique Accomplishments and Rich Resources

    Keio has a long history and the founder of Keio, who is on the Japanese 10,000-yen note, brought a new education system to Keio. And it is a brand that cannot be found anywhere. Keio also has one of the professors who brought the internet to Japan plenty of resources that we can use for free.

    Mukhammad Diyor Urmonbekov
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
    (Global Information and Governance Academic (GIGA) Program)

    • Rich resources which we can use for free, such as 3D printers, robots like Pepper and Nao, and high speed internet.
    • A fantastic brand with quality, high-level education
    • Excellent reputation in Japan in terms of good researchers
    • Students are prepared to find work after graduation
  • Harmony Between Study Time and Extracurricular Time

    Soon after I entered Keio University, I found myself sharing most of my time between the laboratory I belong to, classes, and the sports circle I joined. Even though overall the research is the most important aspect, I was glad to see the strength of the bonds between the circle members.

    Mehdi Hazaz
    Graduate School of Science and Technology

    • Join a circle in your extracurricular life: this is a key feature in making friends that share your hobbies that you may not have otherwise met.
    • Enjoy the canteen for both lunch and dinner on Yagami Campus.
    • Yagami Campus is usually open 24/7, which can be helpful should you happen to be late in writing a research progress report.
    • Freedom to experiment in your research: a good reminder that there are practical issues to overcome not mentioned in your textbooks.
  • Connecting with many individuals who are passionate

    The best part of my experience at Keio Media Design is to connect with many individuals who are passionate about bringing creativity to life. Getting to know them and their stories is truly inspiring and makes me think deeper about utilizing design principles to construct a fruitful daily life.

    Shiyuan He
    Graduate School of Media Design (KMD)
    The art of life design

    • Beautiful campus plus many lively young people
    • Very international and supportive of foreign students
  • Nurturing Interdisciplinary Thinking to Promote the Creation of New Ideas

    By offering curricula eliminating borders often existing between research disciplines, Keio University’s Faculty of Science and Technology provides an excellent learning and research environment nurturing interdisciplinary thinking. This is of utmost importance for future scientists and engineers to be successful in an ever faster changing world full of challenges. Faculty members, researchers and students, including a continuously growing number of international students, are working together in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect to achieve their goals.

    Daniel Citterio
    Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology

    • Central research facilities equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation
    • Manifold occasions allowing for interaction between students and faculty members
    • The Yagami and Hiyoshi campuses situated in very convenient locations
  • Stimulative and Heterogeneous Colony

    Keio is a stimulative and heterogeneous colony, where many kinds of people are engaged. Regardless of gender, nationality, age, students or professors, they teach to others and learn from others. At times, they even have heated arguments. This is Keio, the stimulative and heterogeneous colony.

    Kensuke Takeoka
    Faculty of Law

    • Cosmopolitanism of Keio
    • Strong ties between alumni
    • Interdisciplinary
    • Traditional and diverse
  • Opportunities to Take Initiative

    For psychology students like me, experiments are mandatory to complete your master’s thesis. Professors provide advice, of course, but they also trust us to take our own initiative in the fields of research that interest us. Students take that trust seriously and work hard to conduct the best research possible. I feel that an environment where teachers respect their students enough to give them free range is something unique to Keio.

    Akihiro Shinbo
    Graduate School of Human Relations

    • You can meet all types of people
    • A wide range of lab equipment is available
    • The area around Mita Campus is great for taking a stroll
  • Fill Up on Courage

    To me, Keio is a like a gasoline station for courage. As a non-Japanese living alone, when I feel discouraged with my studies and daily life, Keio always helps cheer me up. Here you are surrounded by hard-working individuals and professors who are passionate about teaching. Plus, the media center is ideal for studying. All these things give you a full tank of courage to take your next step.

    Chang Xinrui
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • International students are excited to study Japanese
    • The Media Center has books as well as a range of devices for students to use
    • A wealth of exchange and short-term study abroad programs
    • The interesting classes at SFC
  • Encounters with the Unknown

    To describe Keio in a word, you need go no farther than the school song Wakaki-chi, where it’s described as a place where the best and brightest gather. It’s a place for new encounters with eccentric peers. And those encounters will surely take us to faraway, unexplored places.

    Ryota Yamagata
    Alumnus, Faculty of Policy Management

    • The ginkgo-lined avenue at Hiyoshi really encapsulates the changing of the seasons (especially autumn)
    • You can feel close to nature around SFC’s duck pond
    • Mita Campus and Tokyo Tower
  • Inspiration to Become Excellent at Everything You Do

    I first came to Keio in 2013 after earning bachelor degrees in Economics and Law at Toulouse School of Economics. I wanted to do research, and I expected a year in Japan would broaden my horizons. Success!
    I received from Keio a new vision on human institutions, with courses in behavioral psychology, political sciences, and business strategy. This inspired me to strengthen my mathematics for economics as well as learning new ways of problem-solving, so I went to Paris for a Master’s in Quantitative Economics and Finance at École Polytechnique, while studying in the Keio-Sciences Po Double-Degree Program. And here I am, at Keio again, determined to use my ever-improving Japanese to bring innovation at the interface of cultures.

    Piotr Alexeevich Kroujkov
    Graduate School of Economics

    • I strongly recommend joining a student club. I started boxing at Keio, and I got better daily training from my fellow students than I would have had from professionals. It is a particularly good strategy to join clubs that are not traditionally Japanese sports. I recommend joining clubs for Western sports where the likelihood of being with other foreign students is lower. It will help with practicing Japanese, as most international students want to do Japanese sports.
    • The library resources are also amazing. The university holds subscriptions to almost all journals imaginable. I can only think of a few times when I could not get a paper I needed. It would be a shame to miss out on so much available knowledge.
    • Watching the sunset through the sculptures on the terrace of the Law School Building (South Building).
  • A fulfilling environment for people who shape the future

    Anyone who tries something new gets immense support from Keio’s diverse community of students, graduates, and professors, regardless of age, sex, or academic interest. Keio provides a fascinating and motivating environment where people nearby will listen to your ideas and share their opinions when you have something you want to pursue.

    Chihiro Toya
    Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

    • Broad yet deep ties with professors and senior students
    • Chances for study beyond a single faculty/school
    • Unique campus identities
  • Your Goals Come Into View

    You can learn and acquire many things in this blessed education and research environment. Plus, you can meet friends, senior students, and professors who you can respect. It’s important to seize these opportunities without shying away from your weaknesses or difficult challenges.

    Shun Tomooka
    School of Medicine

    Diversity and Expertise

    The most alluring things about Keio are the diversity and expertise that only a research university can provide—world-class education covering all academic fields from humanities and science and engineering to medicine and nursing. You are exposed to a wide range of ideas through interaction with other faculties while receiving advanced, specialized education in your chosen field.

    Ryo Tomooka
    School of Medicine

    *They are twins.

    • The School of Medicine, the first of its kind among Japanese private universities, combines both tradition and innovation
    • Many opportunities to meet friends from various faculties
    • Meeting people you can respect and look up to
  • An Environment of Expanding Possibilities

    I am majoring in sociology at my seminar within the Faculty of Letters while also studying law at the same time. By interacting with faculty members and students across multiple faculties, you can acquire diverse values and ways of thinking that transcend traditional disciplines. There are always opportunities to expand learning and friendship, such as at retreats, clubs, and other student groups.

    Mari Ando
    Major in Sociology, Faculty of Letters

    • Strong connections between students and faculty so you can get to know anyone
    • You can interact with people in class and in extracurricular activities
    • Plenty of benches and lawns for relaxing
  • A Dynamic Future that Expands Across Generations

    Focusing on global leaders, the Keio EMBA (Executive MBA) provides thorough training using debate and case studies of business models to the latest management practices, as well as business ethics and a global, far-sighted perspective. Many fellow students are leaders in the business world, and between classes you can hear it all, from inside stories to behind-the-scenes business know-how that you don’t hear about in the newspapers.

    Yasuhisa Watanabe
    Graduate School of Business Administration (KBS)

    • Peers from diverse backgrounds
    • A place to gain deep insights and broad perspectives
    • A place where all people can voice new ideas freely
    • A gateway to collaborate on the future
  • Home of the Heart

    The real charm of Keio is something you come to understand after you graduate. Keio is a source of identity for me, a place where I grew as an individual and built my career. It’s a warm, welcoming home away from home.

    Takashi Watabe
    Manager, Office for the Top Global University Project

    • The ginkgo-lined avenue at Hiyoshi
    • The curry at Yama-shoku on Mita Campus
  • Interrelation and Self-Actualization

    While pursuing my own interests in classes and in extracurricular activities, I’ve also made countless friendships that feel fated. I really feel like we can sympathize with each other and support each other. There have been both professors and senior students who have helped me a lot. Things take shape as one person’s idea connects with another’s. For me, Keio is a place where you can realize your ideas.

    Yukari Mizuno
    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law

    • Abundant lessons where you can learn the basics, but can also go deep into discussion
    • Various clubs, teams, and student groups that provide opportunities to challenge yourself
    • An environment perfect for research, work, and debate
  • SFC’s Unique Multidisciplinary Approach

    At SFC, I had an amazing chance to work and share knowledge with many students from different backgrounds ranging from engineering, art, science, and politics. Programs such as GIGA, GESL, and EDGE enhance our ability to innovate and to produce new ideas.
    The majestic history of Keio University and its rich resources enable students to pursue high-quality education and knowledge. On the other hand, the creative design of Keio's campuses such as Shonan Fujisawa Campus provides a comfortable environment for students to carry out their studies. Finally, the great reputation of Keio University inside and outside Japan puts students on a career path to get a great job after graduation.

    Haitham Alkhalaf
    Graduate School of Media and Governance

  • A Campus Brimming with Discussion

    Looking back over the 10 years since coming to work at Keio, I realize that there is a tolerance on campus to respect minority opinions and a freedom to say what you think. As a workplace, I think more than anything, Keio provides a unique tapestry of coworkers who can work together to plan projects that could never be done alone.

    Ai Nagakawa
    Associate Manager, International Exchange Services Group

    • Chances for international exchange both at home and abroad
    • Lots of unique people
    • A surprisingly lush, green environment in the heart of the city (Mita Campus)
  • Every day is exciting in Keio's rich environment!

    The learning environment is of course fantastic, with a beautiful library, a variety of different study spaces, and the latest equipment and machine tools. Teachers and students have close relationships and are teeming with variety. But it's not all about studying. Take a step outside the classroom and suddenly you're surrounded by passionate students who are taking up new hobbies, joining clubs, working part-time jobs, or participating in student groups. There's something to inspire you every day.

    Department of System Design Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology
    Miyuki Yanagisawa

    • Ample study spaces around campus
    • A convenience store on campus
    • You can get to know students from other faculties at Hiyoshi Campus, where many students take their first classes
  • The power to solve the world's problems—together

    SDM gives you the power to tackle a variety of issues with a foundation in systems and design thinking. I am a returning student, and it has been an intense two years back at school after being part of the workforce. I've collaborated with universities across the country, worked with students from ASEAN countries, and even organized a booth at the Salone del Mobile Milano with my classmates. I am confident that the skills I have acquired at SDM can be applied to the world at large.

    Master's Program, Graduate School of System Design and Management
    Tsuyoshi Hirose

    • Hiyoshi Campus' ginkgo-lined avenue (especially in autumn)
    • Teachers at the forefront of their fields
    • Access to some of the largest databases and repositories in the country
    • A community pub right inside the university (*Inside the Kyoseikan on Hiyoshi Campus)
  • Life and Learning at Keio: Learning about design to connect people together

    Having lived in two different countries, France and Japan, I have always felt the inconvenience of communicating with people far away.
    At Keio University, with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, we learn a lot about different approaches to practical sciences. Thanks to that, I am able to connect with many other people through my research, and I have developed a technology that helps connect people to one another.

    Master's Program, Graduate School of Media Design
    Marie-Stephanie Iekura

    • The school is open 24/7 so you can work at your own pace
    • The backgrounds of students are really diverse, so there is always someone to help you
    • Teachers and senior students encourage you to try new things
    • Teachers are really open, so it is easy to talk frankly with them.
  • A unique opportunity for academic exploration

    The master's program at Keio is a two-year in-depth exploration into whatever domain fascinates you, providing you with the opportunity to truly master a given research field of your choice. While the atmosphere and approach at each laboratory differs, the core underlying mindset of performing real, solid research stays the same.
    A diploma from Keio will also give you opportunities in the field as well, as the university is known throughout Japan and beyond for the academic excellence among its students.

    Master's/Doctoral Program, Graduate School of Science & Technology
    Karl-Johan Stefan Alm

    • The general attitude at Keio that exchange students truly matter and are important for the faculties' well-being
    • The way in which laboratories and professors is laid out, where students are able to find a lab which fits their specific needs
    • The attitude of fellow students, which tends to be very open-minded and welcoming
  • Vertical Ties

    Keio University is a huge community whose traditions afford you the opportunity to interact with people you would not able to otherwise meet.

    Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law
    Takuya Kato

    • World-class research in advanced fields
    • A wide range of academic choices
    • A long culture of international exchange
  • Building a new future together with exchange students from the future

    I call all the students at Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) "exchange students from the future." In other words, they are a just a bit odd: the oddballs, you might say. They have no reason to worry, though, because the teachers here are just as crazy and maybe even wackier. But doesn't it make sense that a future that no one has imagined yet might just emerge from an environment like this? Come ye oddballs, you who refuse an ordinary college experience!

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies
    Satoko Oki

    • Students are research partners
    • An environment of mutual trust and respect
    • SFC radiates with devil-may-care rashness and just the right amount of moderation.
  • A chance to contribute to Keio's tradition of excellence

    The successor to Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy, Keio University's Faculty of Pharmacy offers fields of study where students can take initiative and contribute to the betterment of medicine. Not only can you learn the highest standard of science and ethics, but you gain access to a thriving community of people that extends across the university, not limited to the Faculty of Pharmacy alone, who will help you when you need it most. The inspiration needed to face today's medical challenges can be found here at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

    Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy
    Fumihiro Kikuyama

    • An environment to discover more than just pharmacy
    • Inter-Professional Education (IPE) Program between the School of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care
    • An absolutely stunning view from Building No. 1's Roof Terrace at night
    • Groups and clubs that make student life more fulfilling
  • Looking at the world from Japan!

    In the global world today, Japanese students cannot just focus on Japan but must look beyond their border. The Professional Career Program (PCP) at Keio provides an environment for Japanese students to study pragmatic economics, while equipping them with skills that are necessary to live out in the world after graduation. Also personally, this program has become a place where I can be myself the most because students with diverse backgrounds come together and concerns of personal differences are taken away.

    Faculty of Economics
    Shun Okai

    • Can study along with many students from various countries
    • Astonishing view of the bountiful autumn leaves in the fall
    • Many delicious ramen shops around campus
  • Immerse yourself deeper - inside and outside the classroom

    Through deep immersion inside and outside the classroom, I have grown both academically and personally in my time at Keio. I studied at the Faculty of Economics as part of the Double BA Programme between Keio University and Sciences Po.
    I particularly benefitted from my microeconomics research seminar in Japanese. Moreover, I was warmly welcomed as a member of the volleyball team (despite not being a particularly good player!) and the Keio Debate Squad. My experience at Keio was an excellent balance of studying Japan from an academic perspective and experiencing daily Japanese life first hand.

    Faculty of Economics
    Marius Harnischfeger

    • Join one of the student clubs (known as サークル)
    • Go talk to professors in your subject area of interest
    • Don't be afraid to try and speak Japanese: That is how you progress!
  • Keio means Home to me. A place of peace and where things can happen

    I feel like I'm at home because at Keio you learn how to learn and how to do things well. A global life starts there, and they treat everyone as an individual, no matter where you come from or who you are. They simply see all students as students and as members of the Keio family. If I were to choose where to study again, I would always choose Keio University!

    Master's Program, Graduate School of Media and Governance
    Joao Chitulo

    • Study hard and feel free to choose what is best for your career
    • Do not copy and paste other writers ideas but create a world of your own
    • Do not push too much because you're not God and you cannot make everything possible, but you can transform the world by contributing and being an innovative person
    • Do not simply look away what is happening at your community without doing anything
    • Avoid waiting for others do things for you. You can and you will do fantastic things because Keio staff is there to help you and serve you well
  • Engage with art in your own way

    In my major, students are able to gain a deeper understanding without the trouble of practicums. In my sophomore year, I was able to take many Japanese literature and education courses in addition to the courses needed to graduate for my major. One of Keio's strengths as a four-year university is that it allows you to pursue what you're most interested in across a variety of different disciplines.

    Major in Aesthetics and Art History, Faculty of Letters
    Karin Furusho

    • Each of Keio's campuses has its own unique atmosphere
    • Beautiful row of cherry blossom trees just inside the East Gate at Mita Campus
    • Extensive collections at Keio's libraries and media centres
  • An unshakable foundation

    The very existence of Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa is an endless spring of insights and ideas. The appeal of Keio lies in a tradition of scorning blind superstition and heeding balance, even when it comes to the teachings of Fukuzawa himself.

    Associate Professor, Fukuzawa Memorial Institute for Modern Japanese Studies
    Takeyuki Tokura

    • Keio is at the heart of Japan's modern history
    • We appreciate a variety of talent (and welcome outliers!)
    • A tight-knit, multi-generational network of alumni

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