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Professor Yuko KITAGAWA

Provost and Vice-President for Medical Care (Medicine, Nursing and Medical Care, and Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Almuni Relations
(Concurrently in charge of Keio University Hospital, Shinanomachi Campus, and Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus)

Professor Juro IWATANI

Vice-President for General Affairs, Legal Affairs, Communications and Public Relations, Accreditation and Assessment, Strategic Planning, Institutional Research, and Privacy Protection Policy
(Concurrently in charge of Mita Campus)

Professor Yukihiro IKEDA

Vice-President for Human Resource Management

Professor Emeritus Yoshimitsu MATSUURA

Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Admissions

Professor Keita YAMAUCHI

Vice-President for Affiliated Schools and Athletic Association

Professor Masayuki AMAGAI

Vice-President for Research

Professor Eiji OKADA

Vice-President for Facility Management, Community and Regional Engagement, Accounting and Procurement, Sustainable Development Goals, and Crisis Management
(Concurrently in charge of Yagami Campus)

Professor Motohiro TSUCHIYA

Vice-President for Global Engagement and Information Technology
(Concurrently in charge of Shonan Fujisawa Campus)

Professor Akiyo OKUDA

Vice-President for Student Affairs, and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
(Concurrently in charge of Hiyoshi Campus)


Vice-President for Finance, Fundraising, and Entrepreneurial Education and Support

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