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Address and Contact Information

5322 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 252-0882
See here for contact information.

Public Transit

  • 15 minutes by bus from Shonandai Station (Odakyu Enoshima Line, Sotetsu Izumino Line, or Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line)
  • 21 minutes by bus from Tsujido Station (JR Tokaido Line)

Public Transit

Access from Major Stations

Access from Tokyo Airports

Shuttle bus service is also available to most major locations within the Tokyo area. Visit each airport’s website for details.

Campus Map

1. Alpha Building
Main Building
2. Omega Building
3. Mu Building
Media Center (Library), Information Technology Center (ITC)
4. Kappa Building
5. Epsilon Building 6. Iota Building
7. Omicron Building 8. Lambda Building
9. Theta Building 10. Delta Building
11. Tau Building
Graduate School Building
12. Psi Building
13. Phi Building 14. Gamma Building
15. Sigma Building
University Co-op, Faculty Club, Student Cafeteria
16. Student Lounge
17. Gulliver Pond (Kamoike) 18. SBC Center (Currently being relocated)
19. Faculty of Nursing and Medical Care 20. Keio Fujisawa Innovation Village
21. Seminar Guesthouse 22. Nu Building
23. Zeta Building 24. Miraisozojuku
House 1・2, Digital Fabrication Factory-Wood
25. Keio Shonan Fujisawa Junior and Senior High School 26. Japanese Archery Range
Bus Stop
A. Keio Daigaku, B. Keio Daigaku Honkan Mae, C. Keio Chuko Koshajo, D. Keio Chukotobu Mae

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