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Keio Academy of New York Turns 25

The Keio Academy of New York celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015. Keio Academy serves as a Keio-affiliated, fully accredited American high school as well as an important office for Keio's initiatives abroad. At the same time, it plans to position itself as a focal base for education and research by hosting global symposiums for international education.
The 25th anniversary is a significant milestone in the school's history and a great opportunity to reflect on the founding principles of the school to establish a better curriculum.

The school aims to enhance English education based on a serious review of bilingual and bicultural education with the grand design for nurturing talented young students capable of understanding diversity and playing active and significant roles in today's global society. Under the commemorative projects, Keio Academy will improve school facilities by building a new student center and information infrastructure for ICT and digital media. Additionally, a new fund dedicated to educating tomorrow's leaders will be created for students who demonstrate financial need.

In order to implement the above-mentioned projects, Keio Academy has started and developed a fundraising campaign in both the US and Japan. With the support from promoters and the alumni association, events such as receptions and golf tournaments were held to date. A significant amount of costs and expenses are incurred for the maintenance and management of the school, due in part to its location in New York. Your generous financial support is indispensable in constructing a student center and making the 25th anniversary projects a reality. We appreciate all donations and recognize every donation over $200 with a commemorative nameplate. Additionally, US residents are eligible to claim donations as tax deductible due to Keio Academy's status as a non-profit organization. The fundraising period runs through December, 31, 2015.
We have made it easy to donate by bank transfer, check, or credit card. Please access the following URL for more information:

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