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Fueling the Next Level of Internationalization at Keio

Keio University has been selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the 2014 Top Global University Project (Type A: Top Type*). The Top Global University Project aims to initiate education system reform and give priority support for Japan's leading universities that provide world-class education and research, are dedicated to collaboration with prominent overseas universities, and have been promoting thorough internationalization through university reform. The objective for the Type A universities in this project is to enter the top 100 in the global world rankings within the next ten years.

At the heart of these internationalization efforts, Keio created three main clusters: Longevity, Creativity, and Security. A declining birthrate and ageing population, the ever increasing risks to our lives, economy, and geopolitics, and the importance of promoting creativity for sustainable development, are three particularly large issues that today's global society faces. These are issues crucial to the very sustainability of our society.

Research on these issues in the domain of natural sciences, and social sciences and humanities are fields in which Keio University excels. To this end, we will bring together all available resources at the university to each cluster, and in the process of reciprocating the benefits of world-class research to society and bringing research onto the global stage, we aim to firmly establish our place as a pre-eminent research university.

Concurrently with the internationalization of Keio research, we will also focus on the internationalization of our education. More specifically, as a principle, undergraduate and graduate degree-awarding programs delivered in English will be established in every faculty and graduate school. Keio will also establish foundation courses taught in foreign languages open to all undergraduate students, as well as expand short-term programs, strengthen Japanese language education, and improve and prepare the university environment to welcome more international students.

Keio University is gearing up for the next level of internationalization in both the quality and quantity of its education and research.

*:Top Global University Project (MEXT)

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