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The conference report is now available here. Thanks again to you all for your participation and contribution!

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The 10th APRU Population Aging Conference aims to address challenges unique to Asia-Pacific nations, discuss potential solutions relating to challenges accompanying increased life expectancy using multi-sectoral approaches, and to share the latest academic findings and details of upcoming initiatives to contribute to international public policy and public awareness.

This conference also serves as the kick-off for a week-long series of aging-related events taking place across Japan in October, 2019, which include the NIKKEI-FT Super Active Aging Society Conference on the 15th in Tokyo, the METI/MHLW Well Aging Society Summit on the 16th-17th in Tokyo, and the G20 Health Ministers’ Meeting on the 19th-20th in Okayama.

Date and Venue

Monday, October 14, 2019
Keio University Mita Campus


Updated October 13, 2019
The conference program can be downloaded here.

Call for Abstracts

Submission closed.


Registration should be completed via this form.
If you are unable to access the form, you can alternatively register by submitting this sheet by e-mail to: apru-aging@adst.keio.ac.jp.

Travel Arrangements

All necessary travel arrangements are the exclusive responsibility of the participant. It is strongly recommended to book your flights and accommodation as early as possible. The Tokyo area is expected to be highly crowded due to major events including the Rugby World Cup.


The map below shows the locations of hotels close to the conference venue.

How to get the venue

For access to the Keio University Mita Campus, please refer to the following website:

Visa for entering Japan (If applicable)

Obtaining the necessary visa for entering Japan is the responsibility of the participant.


Keio University Global Engagement Office

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