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Our students love us even more after graduation

Keio's students are called jukusei while alumni are affectionately addressed as jukuin, many of whom continue to cherish their connections to their alma mater and the many friends and teachers they have learned with long after graduation. The lifelong bonds and sense of solidarity between alumni, as well as the strong connection between alumni and the university, are distinctive features and a source of great pride for Keio University. This strong network among our graduates, best embodied by the numerous alumni organizations called Mita-kai, is part of what makes Keio truly unique.

Keio's Mita-kai Alumni Network Around the World

*As of June, 2023

AROUND 390,000 Graduates of Keio University

AROUND 800 Mita-kai in Japan

AROUND 75 Mita-kai Abroad

Keio University has around 400,000 alumni. Keio's alumni are known for their sense of solidarity with the university, and many go on to join Mita-kai to befriend and interact with other Keio graduates. There are currently around 800 domestic and around 75 overseas Mita-kai*. Keio University alumni gather around the world to participate in a variety of activities, including support for younger generations of Keio students.

*The Mita-kai are organized entirely on a volunteer basis by Keio alumni. There are any manner of Mita-kai: those formed by year of graduation, by domestic or international region, by business or industry, employer or occupation, and by clubs, teams, societies, or associations. An overarching umbrella organization called Keio Rengo Mita-kai (Keio Federation of Mita-kai) is comprised of each of these Mita-kai.

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