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Mita Campus Map


2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8345 Japan


  • 8 min. walk from Tamachi Station
    (JR Yamanote Line or Keihintohoku Line)
  • 7 min. walk from Mita Station
    (Subway Asakusa Line or Subway Mita Line)
  • 8 min. walk from Akabanebashi Station
    (Subway Oedo Line)

Access from Major Stations

Access from International Airports

Buses from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport to major areas of the greater Tokyo region are also available.
For more information, please see the following links:
Haneda Airport:外部サイトへのリンク
Narita Airport:外部サイトへのリンク


1. North Building

Conference Hall, Faculty Club, Health Center, Office of Correspondence Courses, Facilities Department, Office of Alumni Affairs, Office of Funding, Admissions Center, North Hall, Meeting Rooms

2. The Keio University Library (Old Building)
Old University Library

Fukuzawa Memorial Center for Modern Japanese Studies, Institute of Oriental Classics(Shido Bunko), Conference Hall, Meeting Room

3. East Research Building
East Research Building

Global Security Research Institute, Project Rooms, G-SEC Seminar Room, Global Studio/ G-SEC lab, Meeting Room

4. Jukukan-kyoku Keio Corporate Administration

Office of the President, Office of Human Resource Management, Harassment Prevention Committee Office, Office for Global Initiatives, Project Office for Administrative & Management Reform, Administrative Affairs Office, Office of Communication and Public Relations, Accounting and Finance Office, Facility Management Office, Meeting Room

5. The Keio University Library (New Building)
New University Library

Mita Media Center, Media Center Head Office

6. South School Building

Classrooms(411-477), The Banraisha Common Room, South Hall, Student Cafeteria (The Cafeteria), Group Study Room, Student Lounge, Student Counseling Room, Office of Student Services(Student Life Services Group, International Exchange Services Group, Scholarships and Financial Assistance Group, Careers Service & Teacher Training Course Support Group, General Affairs and Inquiries Group, Academic Affairs Group)

7. Mita Enzetsu-kan Public Speaking Hall
Mita Enzetsu-kan Public Speaking Hall

8. Graduate School Building

Classrooms(311-375B), Research Rooms for Graduate Students, Institute for Journalism, Media & Communication Studies, Accounting Research and Education Center, Institute for Economic & Industrial Studies, Institute of East Asian Studies, Information Technology Center, Mita Information Technology Center, Keio Institute of Law and Political Science

9. First School Building


10. Faculty Research Building

Office of Faculties of Letters, Economics, Law and Business & Commerce, Mita Office of Research Administration, Deans Offices, Meeting Room A & B, Research Rooms, Office for Faculty Service

11. Keio Trade Union

12. West School Building

Classrooms(501-545), Hall, Student Cafeteria (Yamashoku, Co-op Cafeteria)

13. South Building
South Building

Classrooms (2B11-2B42), Chair Office, Center for Integrated Education System, Office for New Educational Initiatives, Office of Student Services, Teacher Training Center, Library, Distance Learning Room, Moot Court Room, Research Rooms, Roof Terrace, Academic Staff Room & AV Support Room, Student Counseling Room

14. University Co-op

15. West Building

Office of Keio University Athletic Association, Internal Audit Services, Office of Mita Bungaku

16. South Annex

Headquarters for Research Coordination and Administration, Research Center for the Arts & Arts Administration, Art Space, Practical Training Room for Graduate School of Human Relations, Institute of Cultural & Linguistic Studies

East Annex

Yonsei Tokyo Office at Keio

*( ) Class Room No