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Study Suggests Male Mice like to Watch Sex video

Update:Feb. 26, 2016

A group of researchers including Keio University Professor Emeritus Shigeru Watanabe and Azabu University Professor Takefumi Kikusui (School of Veterinary Medicine) has recently published their findings in an academic journal on a study which found that male mice like to watch videos of other mice engaging in sex.

The researchers set up an experiment in which male mice were given the choice between two rooms: one room played a video depicting mice copulating and the other room played a video of mice sniffing. Results showed that these mice spent a longer time in the room that played the copulation video. Next, the researchers played videos of mice copulating and mice fighting. It was found that the mice stayed longer in the room that played the fighting video.

Fighting may contain more important information as it reveals information about dominant/subordinate relationships, which is not the case with the copulation video.

In a similar case regarding animals, it was reported that male monkeys like to watch still images of female monkey bottoms, but this image cannot be considered a physical act of sex. Thus, this research finding with the male mice is the first to reveal that animals, apart from human beings, like to watch conspecifics engage in sexual activity.

The research finding was published in Animal Cognition (digital version) on January 22.