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Keio University Shares its Research with the World
The Launch of “Keio Research Highlights” Website

Update:Apr. 15, 2015

Keio University was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the Top Global University Project as one of Japan’s top universities providing a world-class level of education and research (Type A). Based on the vision of enhancing the sustainability of global society through science, Keio University has identified three areas of research and established the Longevity, Security, and Creativity Initiatives. Through advanced interdisciplinary research in these areas, Keio aims to contribute to efforts to address and solve world issues.

The university has released the Keio Research Highlights website to bring more of Keio’s research and education onto the global stage and enhance its presence domestically and internationally. The site features a selection of accessible articles from the latest and most talked-about research covering a wide range of fields across the 10 undergraduate faculties and 14 graduate schools at Keio.

With the Top Global University Project at the core of its initiatives, Keio University will continue to develop world top-level education and research and enhance its public relations to ensure that the results and findings are available to a wider audience.

Keio Research Highlights offers a taste of the latest cutting-edge research conducted by Keio researchers in the physical, natural and social sciences, and humanities.

The Research Highlights section features a selection of informative and accessible articles introducing academic papers published in scientific journals and engages the wider scientific community and general public with some of the ground-breaking research conducted at the university.

The Features section covers wide-ranging topics from the currently most talked-about research to high-potential research in specific fields and offers researchers’ in-depth look at some of the latest work being undertaken.

Keio Research Highlights will keep the world abreast by regularly updating the website with important research and developments at the university.