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KEIO TECHNO-MALL 2013 (14th Annual Keio Science and Technology Exhibition) "More Partnerships, More Dreams" - December 13 (Fri) -

Update:Nov. 27, 2013

The Keio Leading-edge Laboratory of Science and Technology (KLL; Yokohama City) will hold the 14th Keio Science and Technology Exhibition "KEIO TECHNO-MALL 2013" at the Tokyo International Forum on Friday, December 13.

This year's theme is "More Partnerships, More Dreams." We aim to hold an exhibition which represents processes for success by pursuing idea generation and human development through collaboration between industry and academia across a variety of fields.

This year's TECHNO-MALL will feature around 70 demonstrations, showcases, and panel displays highlighting the various research results and technological developments produced by Keio University's Faculty and Graduate School of Science and Technology. There will also be technology partnership seminars given by Keio research faculty members, two round-table sessions, and a talk session to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

We ask that you include the KEIO TECHNO-MALL in your event announcements and request coverage of the event.