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Keio Chosen for MEXT Top Global University Project as a Leading University Providing World-class Research and Education

Update:Sep. 26, 2014

Keio University has been selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the 2014 Top Global University Project as one of Japan’s top universities providing a world-class level of research and education (Type A).

A new initiative from this year, the Top Global University Project aims to bolster the international competitiveness of Japanese higher education by providing priority support to universities dedicated to thorough internationalization and university reform.

Specifically, universities applied for the following two categories: Top Type (Type A), targeted for top universities that provide the highest level of research and education; and Leading-Global (Type B), for universities which lead the internationalization of Japanese higher education through pioneering efforts. Keio University is one of the 13 universities selected in the Top Type category.

The outline of Keio’s plan is explained below.

Keio Chosen for MEXT Top Global University Project as a Leading University Providing World-class Research and Education
Keio Chosen for MEXT Top Global University Project as a Leading University Providing World-class Research and Education

Category Type A: Top Type
Program Name Enhancing Sustainability of Global Society Through Jitsugaku (Science)
Key Terms Longevity society, bringing Keio research onto the global stage, fostering highly-skilled global human resources, integration of the humanities and sciences, collaboration between academia and industry
Supervisor Prof. Jiro Kokuryo (Vice President, Keio University)
Outline Enhancing Sustainability of Global Society Through Jitsugaku (Science), Keio University’s plan selected for the 2014 Top Global University Project, follows the founding principles of the university. Keio aims to integrate research in the humanities and sciences to enhance the sustainability of global society through jitsugaku (science), and to strengthen ties with international academic communities and industry, while making positive contributions to the world and bolstering its international reputation by building on Keio’s strengths and achievements. Specifically, under the integrated theme of Sustainable Development of a Super Mature Society, Keio will create three main clusters: Longevity, Creativity, and Security. Keio will establish a permanent Super Global Project Head Office, bring together all available resources in the university to each cluster, and dramatically increase the number of English-language papers cited by scholars globally, and collaborative papers jointly authored with international researchers. Furthermore, in addition to creating this cluster system, Keio will improve its human resources management system (cross appointment system, tenure-track system, annual salary system, etc.); broadly expand its education system (overseas associate supervisor system, English-based degree programs, etc.); bring more of Keio research onto the global stage; and enhance Keio’s international presence in education and research, measured by the number of citations and world-wide reputation surveys. Additionally, in order to reinforce the President’s leadership and governance, Keio will establish the Global Advisory Council, as well as a discretionary fund that the President can distribute swiftly and flexibly in order to accelerate reform. Presidential leadership will promote new initiatives in Keio University’s endeavors to becoming one of the world’s leading research institutions.
Effects/Aims Keio University has contributed greatly to the economic growth and modernization of Japan through education, research, and medicine over the course of its history. Now, Keio has established the Sustainable Development of a Super Mature Society as the core issue of this 10-year plan—an issue that Japan is facing first among developed nations, and one that will become a worldwide issue in the near future. Keio has defined it as its priority field across both undergraduate faculties and graduate schools for the next ten years. Keio will integrate its knowledge in all fields to propose solutions internationally. In more concrete terms, clusters on Longevity, Creativity, and Security will comprise the foci of Keio's internationally-competitive educational and research programs--in the fields of engineering, life sciences, and medicine as well as the social sciences and humanities. Concentration on these clusters will further advance research and help to strengthen Keio's ability to relay its findings internationally. Also, we will introduce programs that adhere to international standards starting from elementary and middle-school grades at our affiliated schools to strive for further improvements in research. We will produce more leaders who are better-equipped to play active roles on the world stage in both number and quality. Based on the spirit of jitsugaku (science), the educational philosophy of Keio founder Yukichi Fukuzawa, we will make positive contributions to world development as a higher education institution that can propose innovative social systems to the rest of the world. As a result, Keio University will consistently take its place among the top 100 in the authoritative world university rankings.