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Leading Graduate Schools: Global Environmental System Leaders (GESL) Symposium 2014

Update:Mar. 13, 2014

On March 6 (Thu), the Global Environmental System Leaders (GESL) Program held the GESL Symposium 2014: “Towards global environmental system leaders who can actively participate in international organizations” at the North Building Hall on Mita Campus. Participants from the worlds of industry and research joined students, faculty, and staff from Keio and other universities to discuss the future direction of global leaders fostered by the GESL Program.

Chosen for the Program for Leading Graduate Schools in 2011, Keio University launched the Global Environmental System Leaders (GESL) Program in April 2013 to train leaders with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to achieve sustainability and improvement of the global environment and the initiative to drive the innovation of these technological and social systems. In 2013, 19 students were accepted into the program’s inaugural academic year.

After a keynote speech informed the audience of expected functions and roles of doctorate holders within companies from the perspective of industry, participants were given a general summary of the GESL program. The GESL students then gave their self-introductions and presented the audience with their international training reports. In a panel discussion between industry, government, and academia on expectations for global environmental system leaders, symposium participants joined the discussions to provide a variety of perspectives on career paths and training global environmental system leaders who can truly make a difference in the world. Participants filled the venue to share their approaches to the development of doctoral education at Keio University.

At the reception and poster session which followed, symposium participants seemed eager to ask GESL students about their research activities.

Panel discussion
▲Panel discussion
A GESL student presents their report
▲A GESL student presents their report

Students at the poster session
▲Students at the poster session
A student explains her poster
▲A student explains her poster

Photos: Satoru Inoue