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KMD Transnational Airport -the 4th KMD forum-

Update:Mar. 12, 2014

The Keio University Graduate School of Media Design (KMD) hosted KMD Transnational Airport - the 4th KMD forum - at the Collaboration Complex on Hiyoshi Campus on February 28 (Fri) and March 1 (Sat). The forum, which is now in its fourth year, showcases the cutting-edge research of KMD with the aim of encouraging further collaboration between industry, government, and academia and increasing the scope of awareness of the projects.

Since its launch in 2008, KMD has sought to encourage students to propose innovative practical solutions to real social issues under an educational concept known as "Real Projects." This year's forum presented the latest projects along the theme "airport to the future." The Collaboration Complex at Hiyoshi Campus - the main base for KMD's education and research - was the venue for the forum, with various demonstrations, symposiums, workshops, and special lectures held on each floor. Over the two days the forum was visited by around 750 people, the largest attendance since the event was first held in 2011.

Visitors were treated to a glimpse of KMD's unique visions of the future, including future living environments, sports taken to the next level through combination with technology, and a futuristic fashion show of outfits inspired by a fusion of technology and cosplay. Workshops such as the "School of Global Education #GoGlobal," which encouraged participants to share various ideas from around the world, provided opportunities to explore visions for the future from a global perspective.

This year's forum took visitors on a journey to the future while also introducing them to the rich transnational flavor of KMD, which brings together students and researchers with a range of nationalities and backgrounds.

The Collaboration Complex during the forum
▲The Collaboration Complex during the forum
The forum in progress
▲The forum in progress

Visitors interact with the demonstrations
▲Visitors interact with the demonstrations
Students introduce their research
▲Students introduce their research

Visitors get a hands-on experience of students' research
▲Visitors get a hands-on experience of students' research
Glimpse of the symposium
▲Glimpse of the symposium

Photos: Satoru Inoue