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[To Prospective Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students who are to Enter Keio University in the 2011 Academic Year] Postponement of Undergraduate and Graduate School Entrance Ceremonies (2011 Academic Year)

Update:Mar. 22, 2011

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to all those who have suffered harm or been affected by the Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake.

In consideration of this, and in light of further factors such as the present situation with transportation and electricity, the continuing aftershocks, and voluntary efforts to restrict energy consumption, based on the judgment that events for which many people gather at the same time should be avoided at the moment, Keio University has decided to postpone the Undergraduate Entrance Ceremony scheduled for Friday, April 1, and the Graduate School Entrance Ceremony scheduled for Monday, April 4. The reunion event for Keio alumni who graduated 50 years ago, scheduled on the same day as the Undergraduate Entrance Ceremony, has also been postponed. We express our deep regret to the prospective students who are to enter the university, their families, guardians, and the Keio alumni who graduated 50 years ago, all of whom were looking forward to the entrance ceremonies, but we respectfully ask for everyone’s understanding in this matter. The postponement schedule has not yet been determined.

Concerning the starting date of the Spring Semester, we will post another notice on the Keio University website by Thursday, March 24.

For further information about the postponement described above, please direct your inquiries to the relevant office below:

About the ceremonies:
Keio University Administrative Affairs Office 03-5427-1517

About the reunion event for Keio alumni who graduated 50 years ago:
Keio University Office of Alumni Affairs 03-5427-1547

About the undergraduate admissions process:
Keio University Admissions Center 03-5427-1566