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(Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake) Keio University’s Support Activities

Update:Mar. 16, 2011

The Keio University community will stand together to give the maximum support possible to all victims who have suffered harm or been affected by the Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake.

Yukichi Fukuzawa, at the time of natural disasters in the Meiji Period such as the Eruption of Mount Bandai, the Nobi Earthquake, and the Great Meiji Sanriku Tsunami, appealed for donations through his newspaper, Jiji Shimpo, and worked tirelessly to provide support to the disaster areas. Keio University will continue to follow this tradition, first of all by implementing the activities below:

1) To provide emergency medical aid, Keio will, in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, send to the Kesennuma area “Keio Medical Relief Teams” made up of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and administrative staff from the Keio University Hospital. The first team will leave Tokyo in Toei Bus coaches on Thursday, March 17, to join in providing medical aid. From then on, aid will be provided continuously by rotating teams.

2) Keio University, together with the Keio Alumni Association, will appeal for donations and other aid, which will be sent to the disaster areas. Specific details about this process will be decided soon and announced on this Keio University website.