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Cancellation of Postgraduate Degree Conferring Ceremony (2010 Academic Year)

Update:Mar. 16, 2011

Congratulations to all Keio University Graduate School students who have graduated this year. We are sure that together with your families and guardians, you were all looking forward to your Degree Conferring Ceremony.

At the present time, Keio University intends to give the maximum support it can to all those who have suffered harm or been affected by the Tohoku - Pacific Ocean Earthquake, and to cooperate in Japan’s recovery from this disaster.

In consideration of this, and in light of further factors such as the present situation with transportation and electricity, the continuing aftershocks, and voluntary efforts to restrict energy consumption, Keio University has reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the Degree Conferring Ceremony scheduled for Tuesday, March 29. It is extremely regrettable that Keio has been forced to take this decision, but we respectfully ask for your understanding in this matter.
In place of the ceremony, a live broadcast will be made over the Internet from 11 a.m. on Tuesday, March 29. The broadcast will include the conferral of degrees to student representatives, the presentation of awards, the President’s ceremony address, and congratulatory remarks from an alumni representative. We sincerely hope that all graduates and their families or guardians will watch this from their own homes or other locations.

A part of the expenditure that was set aside for the scheduled ceremony will be donated to help support the victims of this disaster.

Please also use the link below for information about the conferral of degrees for graduates, the issuance of Certificates of Graduation, etc.

For information about the cancellation of Degree Conferring Ceremony:
Keio University Administrative Affairs Office 03-5427-1517