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The Model G8 Youth Summit 2008 Japan
Invites Prof. Heizo Takenaka of Keio University as Chairperson of Panel Discussion titled "Symbiosis of the Future Society"

Update:Mar. 07, 2008

The Model G8 Youth Summit 2008 (The Youth Summit) will be held in Yokohama and Tokyo from 11 to 15 March, 2008. This Youth Summit is organized by students and youth from around the world to discuss global issues and to present the results of the discussions as an alternative voice to global society. The Youth Summit was held in Russia in 2006 for the first time, in Germany in 2007 and each summit has taken place in accordance with the actual host country of the G8 Summit.

The Youth Summit will be held before the forthcoming G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit 2008, and planned and organized by undergraduate and graduate students including Keio University and other universities located in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It is sponsored by Keio University as one of the events to celebrate its 150th anniversary as well as one of the programs of the Design the Future Fund for fiscal 2007. The opening ceremony (12 March) will be held at Mita Campus, and the closing ceremony (15 March) at Yagami Campus of Keio University. (The simulated diplomatic international conference will also be held in Yokohama.)

Delegations from every G8 country will hold a simulated summit meeting just like the actual G8 Summit. However, the Youth Summit is intended to incorporate viewpoints of the youth. By taking the initiative in the discussions, students learn how other students of similar age view world affairs, how the difference of national origin affects their opinions and where these differences come from. Participants will act as government representatives, secretaries and sherpas to discuss a topic and ultimately agree upon a conclusion which will be announced as a communiqué. Through discussions and organization of the event, students are given opportunities to experience international relations and to become more aware of global issues.

At the Youth Summit 2008, a panel discussion on environmental issues will also be held. Panelists include leading figures from various fields and positions such as Prof. Heizo Takenaka and Mr. Eishi Ohno of Toyota Motor Corporation in expectation of reaching a conclusion as realistic as possible. Also, as means of raising awareness of the younger generation concerning global issues, the delegations are planning to hold a dialogue with high school students.

Through these discussions, students gain invaluable experiences to become diplomatic leaders of the next generation, and getting acquainted with other students will enable them to create human network in the future.