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Keio Art Square (4)

Young Man (Kazuo Kikuchi)

Young Man  (Kazuo Kikuchi)

Kazuo Kikuchi, a sculptor, was celebrated on the 100th anniversary of his birth in 2008 and one of his works, standing statue "Young Man," was restored at the open space between West Building and Faculty Research Building, Mita Campus.
This statue used to be in front of Old 4th Building which was established in 1949, but was moved with Komatsu rock pedestal when the open space was consolidated.
The statue’s model was a young aspiring musician from Tohoku, whose melancholy look stemmed from the loss of his voice during conscription. Kikuchi said about this model, “I was fascinated by his darkness. It’s as if he left himself at hiatus of war.” This work was awarded "The First Mainichi Art Award" (1949).

*This article appeared in the 2008 autumn edition (No.260) of “Juku.”

Statue of Ginjiro Fujiwara

Statue of Ginjiro Fujiwara

Ginjiro Fujiwara, known as "King of paper manufacturing," developed Oji Paper Corporation into one of the biggest paper companies in Japan.
Fujiwara had a conference with Shinzo Koizumi who was the President of Keio University at that time. Both shared their determination to foster Engineers to develop resource-poor Japan as a technology-oriented nation. In 1939, Fujiwara put his own expense to establish Fujiwara Institute of Technology at Hiyoshi which was the precursor of Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University.
There are busts of Fujiwara in the second basement of Sosokan and in front of 25th Building at Yagami Campus, watching over the education of Science and Technology.

*This article appeared in the 2009 summer edition (No.263) of “Juku.”

Kaiso no Machi I ・ II (Yoshiko Goto)

Goto was a painter who studied paintings by herself while in Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy (which was the precursor of Faculty of Pharmacy of Keio University) and had received many awards after then.
Goto painted this work in the image of city of Toledo in Spain and she was awarded from the Ministry of Education on the 35th Anniversary of Nikikai Exhibition Paintings and Sculptures.
This work consists of two parts. This is because the wall of Building No.2 at Kyoritsu University was too small in width for the painting, so the painting was set by leaving a space for 1 meter and inclined those two parts at a 20 degree angle. Now, this painting is displayed at 1st floor of Building No.3 of Shiba Kyoritsu Campus.

*This article appeared in the 2009 autumn edition (No.264) of “Juku.”

Kaiso no Machi   I ・ II  (Yoshiko Goto)

The maiden Tekona (Shikai Kitamura)

The maiden Tekona

This largest marble in Japan by Shikai Kitamura is a motif of "Tekona," who is a legendary woman in "Manyoshu," the oldest existing collection of Japanese poetry. This marble was presented by Kitamura when the Old University Library was established for 50th anniversary of Keio's foundation in 1912.
In 1945, both arms of the marble were lost in an air raid. After that, the marble had been kept in storage until it was shown to the public at "FUKUZAWA Yukichi:Living the Future" in 2009.
As a reminder of historic fact of war, the university decided not to wash out all of firebomb soot on the marble for prior restoration.
Now you can see this marble at 1st floor of Old University Library in Mita Campus.

*This article appeared in the 2010 winter edition (No.265) of “Juku”.