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Keio Art Square (3)

Bust of Ryozo Hiranuma (Saburo Yoshida)

Bust of Ryozo Hiranuma  (Saburo Yoshida)

With the completion of Hiyoshi Athletics Field construction, a Bust of Ryozo Hiranuma was restored and set up facing to the Collaboration Complex.
Hiranuma was regarded as the father of volkssports and the nurturer of Keio Athletic League.
This bust was presented to Keio Athletic League which was sent by National Sports Federation to Hiranuma on the 77th anniversary of his birth in 1955.
Hiranuma was all-round sports player, joined all kinds of games during his college years at Keio and he worked for nurturing amateur sports throughout his life. His contribution to Japanese sports is distinguished. He was the head of Japanese Olympic team at both Los Angels and Berlin, was a chairman of various sports associations, and was given the Order of Culture for his achievements of nurturing volkssports.

*This article appeared in the 2009 winter edition (No.261) of “Juku.”

The Monument of Light (Motoko Ishii)

The Monument of Light  (Motoko Ishii)

In the evenings, the 14th Building "Sosokan" at Yagami Campus is illuminated with warm atmosphere of lights.
This light expresses the future with merging technology and art, and shows presence of our challenge to the new century.
"The Monument of Light" which shines light into the open ceiling space is modeled on genetic structure of a double helix. The image suggests that we must remember the rise of life and evolutionary theory in terms of society and technology in the future.
Light designer, Motoko Ishii, designed this monument. She works with range of light, from landmark lighting to architectural lighting such as "Tokyo Tower Millennium Lighting," "Light up Himeji," "Akashi Kaikyo Bridge," and "Rainbow Bridge," and has received many international awards.

*This article appeared in the 2006 winter edition (No.249) of “Juku”.